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Snapshot Meme #65: Meet My Family!

Posted on: July 4, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. My husband and I just returned this past weekend from our annual vacation with my family in Canada. I’m slowly sorting through photos from our trip. In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to the members in my family.

First, there’s my dad. He raised me by himself, my mom dying when I was four. After he retired from teaching, my dad married a lady from the Philippines. From my dad, I get my love of teaching children, reading and writing, and caring for animals. His other lifelong interests include studying the Bible and playing board games. In 2012, he combined some of his interests to create a blog called Open Theism.


During our 2015 visit, the family celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday as well as Father’s Day. Both occasions involved lots of gifts, with mostly clothes and money being given. Part of the latter went towards magazine subscriptions. The other half will no doubt go towards books or software. Finally, a triple-layered German Chocolate cake got eaten on both events.

On this particular vacation, I also appreciated getting to spend most of my mornings having quality time with my dad. One day, we visited a religious book store. The majority of the other days, if not taken up with hikes, we spent comparing software. Dad helped me pick out a Bible software program for topical studies and a design program for my planned storybooks.

Next, there’s my step-mom. She used to be a youth pastor in the Philippines. Over recent years, she has worked in a variety of positions, most often in home care. Some of her income goes to support her siblings back in the Philippines. Much of the rest goes towards renovating the family house. She likes to read, garden, shop, and make friends.

During our 2015 visit, Leonora had the afternoons off from work. Most every day, she brought home or prepared delicious filling dinners. She also often joined us for the family tradition of playing Crokinole in the evenings. I once attended an aerobics class with her.

While with my family, I belatedly celebrated Leonora’s birthday and Mother’s Day by taking her out for a restaurant meal and shopping for clothes at the local mall. The dress she’s wearing is one brought during our outing. Both she and my sister passed on many clothes to me. The top I’m wearing in the photo of Leonora and me is from their wardrobe.

Finally, there are my two siblings. My brother Robert turned twenty this year. He recently finished a transition program at our local community college, as well as took courses in a lab assistant program. Some other career interests he might consider are cooking and teaching piano. In May, he sent me the exciting news that he got a job at a local A&W. My brother used to play soccer. He still likes to read, play games (both board and video), and hang out with friends. He also helps with the multimedia at church. Over the years, our relationship has grown. For a long time, we used to play online games on Saturdays. Now we tend to use that time to chat on the phone about all kinds of random stuff for hours.

Prior to our visit, Robert wasn’t sure if he’d have energy to play games due to working long hours. As it turned out, he joined us to play Crokinole most evenings, as well as played some card and table hockey games with the family. We played Crokinole long enough that it stopped being the norm for whoever teamed up with Robert to win. Even my brother has his off days. 🙂 Andy was the grand winner in cribbage, although Robert came close. I love our family game tradition!

A year ago, my sister Shekinah graduated from high school. Since then, she’s completed her first year at college, with plans to major in psychology. Her long-term dream, however, is to become a lawyer. Shekinah is also talented in the creative fields, having at times drawn sketches and written stories. Like my brother, she also works in the fast-food industry. My sister used to play soccer too. She still likes to read, watch television, listen to music, and hang out with friends. When she was younger, we used to stay up all hours during my visits home and ask each all kinds of random questions.

Of the many reasons that Summer 2015 will be remembered, one involves sickness. A day after our arrival at my family’s place, Andy took sick with a migraine that disabled him for a week. With him barely up and about, I caught my sister’s cold. Or as Shekinah would have you believe, I up and took it from her. 🙂 After a few nasty days, I began to mend, although I remained slightly under-the-weather for the rest of trip. Apparently, not being content with being sick at the start, Andy “robbed” me of my cold during our last week with family. I’ve told my sister there are better gifts she could have given. 😉

Happy July 4th! Next Saturday, I’ll return with photos from our Summer 2015 vacation.

10 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #65: Meet My Family!"

So nice to meet your family!

It’s been equally nice to introduce them. 😉 Off now to visit your blog!

Thank you for the introduction to your family. Sounds like you had a great visit.
My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

I enjoyed getting to show off my family. Off now to visit your snapshot!

Good article and selection of photos, Allison! I’m looking forward to next Saturday’s presentation of photos from your visit.

Thanks! You’ll be pleased to know that each Saturday for the rest of the month will be dedicated to photos from my visit. 🙂

It sounds like you had a great time with your family, other than being sick. Love seeing them through your photos!

Actually, the past couple of years have been an adjustment for me. I’m used to everyone except for my step-mom being around during my visit. However, my siblings are now becoming adults, with college and work. So, we see each other less than normal. Even so, yes, I always enjoy seeing family again.

What great family photos.

It helps that they’re a great family. 😉

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