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Snapshot Meme #66: The Shorter Trails

Posted on: July 11, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Last Saturday, I introduced family members and promised to return later with photos from my actual visit with them. While introducing you to my parents and siblings, I occasionally referred to highlights of that trip. There were shopping trips, restaurant outings, evening games, and software comparisons. While those moments are all special to me, my photos will focus on hikes, of which there were several.

This year, Andy and I limited ourselves to trails in Central Newfoundland, the region where my family lives. Thus, all were within about an hour of driving distance from my hometown. For three of the walks, my dad joined Andy and me. The longest of those we reserved for a Saturday, when my brother wasn’t scheduled for a shift at his restaurant job.

We started with a trip to Springdale. Apparently, there had been some recent bad weather with high winds, because visitors were advised against taking the trail. When we inquired at a nearby hotel, we learned that no one was being deterred. So off we headed to the trail! According to the town’s website, the 5.6 km walking trail followed the Indian River and lead to wetlands. In this natural setting, birds and other animals are supposedly seen on a regular basis. While we saw only crows and seagulls, we still appreciated the scenic and serene landscape.

Another trip took us to Gander and The Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest. The latter is an informal, outdoor interpretive site designed for visitors to learn about the forest and forest management techniques in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are actually three walking trails. We stuck to the two shortest trails. The Frank R. Hayward Trail begins at the parking lot and contains directions for the other trails. It focuses on the ecology of forests and individual tree species. We also took the P.G. Tipping Trail, which emphasizes forest management practices in Newfoundland and features the remains of a B-17G plane from World War II. As we found both trails both educational and magnificent, someday we’ll have to take the third trail.

On the day Robert joined us, we toured Gambo. The trails turned out to be difficult to find. In addition, the sign for the first trail misled us into thinking we could drive it. After several bumps and knocks to the car, Andy finally backed up and we instead walked the trail, which meandered along a river. The second trail took us on a boardwalk and through bog. At the end of the trail, Andy noticed a lamppost and quipped, “We’re in Narnia.” The town website says there’s a third trail. We never did find it, not that we really tried all that hard. 😉

Enjoy the week! Next Saturday, I’ll return with photos from our longer hiking trips.

12 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #66: The Shorter Trails"

Good description and selection of photos of the hiking trips in which I accompanied Andy and you!

Thanks! Look forward to more photos next week from longer hikes that Andy and I took alone. 🙂

Looks gorgeous, glad you enjoyed your walks.

– Linking over from Saturday Snapshots

The nature walks are one of my favorite parts of visiting Newfoundland. The other, of course, is spending time with family. 🙂

I love nature pics and these were lovely; thanks for sharing.

Thank you for visiting!

Looks really beautiful. I don’t know very much about Newfoundland.

Newfoundland is trees, rocks, hills, moose, icebergs, whales….. Hmm, I might have to do one of those “I Am From” poems. Thanks for the inspiration. 😉

Looks like fun places to wander and explore

For the most part the trails in Central Newfoundland were fairly easy walks. Nonetheless they were pretty places to explore. In addition, there are some more difficult trails. Those I’ll share next week!

I love being out in nature and that looks like a great place to take a walk!

Newfoundland is a perfect place for anyone who loves nature and walks. 🙂

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