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Snapshot Meme #67: The Longer Trails

Posted on: July 18, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Following my tradition of sharing photos from our annual family vacation, last week I posted about shorter hikes. This summer, Andy and I limited ourselves to trails in Central Newfoundland, the region where my family lives. Thus, all were within about an hour of driving distance from my hometown. Three of the hikes, Andy and I took on our own.

We weren’t able to convince anyone to stay up late and so we went ourselves to see the lighted bridge in Bishop’s Falls. The bridge is a former railroad trestle that is now a boardwalk. The trestle spans 927 feet across the Exploits River and is apparently the longest trestle in Newfoundland. The second photo is one of my favorite of all the ones I took that night while exploring the area.

Andy and I also weren’t able to convince anyone to walk in the rain. So, once again, we were on our own for this next hike. Point Leamington, a small community of about 600 people, is home to Rowsell’s Hill. A path has been cut up the side of the hill, with wooden steps and walkways. At the top of the hill, you can look over the whole community.

As for the third trail, we didn’t even try to get anyone to join us for it. The start of our day started simply enough, climbing up stairs to Rattling Brook Falls. Newfoundland Tourism describes it as being “at the entrance to the picturesque community of Rattling Brook”.

The second half of our day, Andy and I spent at Alexander Murphy Hiking Trail. Five miles, 1,100 feet of elevation gain, and over 2,200 wooden stairs. In four hours, we saw beautiful scenery that included three waterfalls. In the first photo, Andy is pointing to our final destination. In the second, he’s standing next to a waterfall for which we had to take a detour to reach. In the third, we’re at the blustery top. The final is of a section in the trail where the bridge had washed out and so hikers had through with the help of overhead ropes. The hike sure took a toll on our bodies!


8 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #67: The Longer Trails"

What lovely places! And good for you for getting out in the dark AND the rain!

Some hikes are just more fun when you brave the elements. 😉

Your description and photos of Andy’s and your hikes on longer trails near us almost made me wish that I’d gone too.

Another year, we should take you with us to Rattling Brook. I don’t know if I’d also recommend the four-hour trail, but we could probably find alternatives to it within the area.

Lovely photos! I can almost smell the scent of the wooded areas and feel the spray of the water. Thanks for sharing, and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Whenever I miss Newfoundland, I look back at vacation photos. I’ve also started shooting video while on hikes, so that I can remind myself of all the sounds too.

What great places to hike. We don’t hike at all anymore, but your photos make me wish I could.

I’m glad my husband and I have discovered hiking now, while we can still physically handle challenging trails. And when we can’t? There are always shorter and flatter trails with ample beauty too.

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