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Snapshot Meme #68: The Small Moments

Posted on: August 1, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Following my tradition of sharing photos from our annual family vacation, I posted in July about hikes. Now I’d like to switch to the smaller moments from our trip to Newfoundland.

On the drive to see my family, I lamented to Andy that we never did anything spontaneous anymore. Instead, we always lived in stress and by schedules. Next thing I knew, he was taking a detour. We hadn’t eaten breakfast, despite it being mid-morning, and so Andy set off to find us a place to eat. Adventure was the result!

We ended up driving to Stephenville. This small community is where Newfoundland and Labrador author Kevin Major grew up. It’s also home to bogs and sand dunes. In addition, an American air base got established there during World War 11, which explains so many streets having names of states. And that’s all I know about it!

While there, we brought breakfast at Tim Hortons. We also splurged on treats for my family at a bakery. Then we drove to the coast, where we sat and ate while watching the water break along the rocks. A seagull came to beg for handouts and we obliged it. We also took photos of the area.

On our return drive, we ended up arriving in Port-aux-Basques several hours before the ferry would leave. In previous years, we always needed to stop for food and souvenirs. This year, our family had stuffed us with Chinese food and cake. Moreover, we had bought all of our souvenirs during our visit. So, we had time to explore another little community in my home province.

We walked through the town for over an hour, taking photos of the sights and enjoying our company. Life tends to be noisy, chaotic, and full. Very few of us slow down enough to savor it. More than once during our Newfoundland trip, Andy and I stopped to make quiet memories.

16 Responses to "Snapshot Meme #68: The Small Moments"

Sounds like a wonderful trip & I enjoyed your photos. I’ve always wanted to visit Newfoundland.


2015 Big Book Summer Challenge

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. The real island is wonderful too. 😉

I love the little towns in that part of the world. Part of it looks very similar to Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia.

Sean at His and Her Hobbies

The whole Atlantic region, which includes Nova Scotia, has similar beauty. If you enjoyed Peggy’s Cove, Newfoundland should be on your list of vacation spots. 🙂

Great photos! Looks like a place I’d like to spend the day at.

Anyone who likes trees, hills, and water would enjoy days, weeks, and months in Newfoundland. You should go!

What a pretty place to visit — I’d love to get there one day.

I hope you make it to Newfoundland. You’ll never forget the trip!

What lovely pictures! I’ve always wanted to visit that part of Canada!

What are you waiting for? 😉 Just do it when the weather is mild!

Thanks, Allison, for sharing quiet memories from your visit to Newfoundland before and after you left our place. I enjoyed reading your account and viewing your photos of them.

You’re welcome! Next up will be the Ontario leg. 🙂

Beautiful pictures. Sometimes it’s hard to slow down and savor the moment, isn’t it? Sounds like you did that and had a lovely trip.
My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

Yes, it’s easy to forget to appreciate the small moments. My goal is to find a way to do it even during the busyness of being a school teacher.

Never visited this are of Canada, but it’s on my list! Nice photos.

Should you make it to Newfoundland for a visit, allow plenty of time to enjoy the sights. Every region has something unique about it.

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