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Six-Word Saturday #65

Posted on: September 5, 2015


It has been a busy week!

I love pretty much everything about my life right now, but I wouldn’t mind some personal downtime. Our household keeps growing; it now includes three cats (two of whom are fosters) and a dog. I do a lot of juggling feeding, playtime, and training. Seeing them all play makes my hectic schedule worth it.

School is in full-swing and going well. I support just fifth-grade this year. Nonetheless, as a special education teacher, I’m still consistently adjusting instruction, schedules, accommodations, and tests to meet the individual needs of my students. My students continually amaze me with how needy but also how mature they can be. Oh, I’m also teaching writing club and have a whopping fifteen students in attendance! Although I work part-time, my hours are NEVER just that amount.

My writing life is also full. I write reviews for two local groups and articles for another. Also, after several months away from it, I’ve resumed work on my novel last month. The age of my main character has changed. I’m also playing with the format itself. Right now, I’m telling her story as a series of blog posts.

Monday being Labor Day, a long weekend is ahead. My husband will be off too. I’m looking forward to hanging out with him, but also maybe taking some extra naps and catching some additional reading time. 🙂

What’s your week been like?

6 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #65"

My week’s been busy too, and I’m grateful for a long holiday weekend.

Six Words

Somehow this comment ended up in Spam. I’ve just now retrieved it.

Amazing, but Labor Day weekend now seems like a long time ago. 😦 Ah, but ahead is fall break and then Thanksgiving. There is still much to be grateful about!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Busy but in a lazy way. 😉

busy week for me also, but in the litchen…me and a lot of food to process for winter! Cheers!

Shh! Don’t talk about winter yet. 😉

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