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Snapshot #73: Our First Foster Cat

Posted on: October 2, 2015

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. This past spring, around the same time we lost our adopted silky terrier to pancreatisis, my husband and I started to foster a cat.

Isn’t Bootsie adorable? This is the photo of her that changed everything for her and for my family. Bootsie grew up outdoors. I met her when I started to volunteer for a local group that does Trap-Neuter-Release. She stole the heart of everyone who brought her food. During our recent cold winter, I wanted to bring her inside to foster. After my husband saw this photo, he agreed.

In the beginning, Bootsie stayed in a dog crate in our library. We weren’t too sure how Bootsie would adapt to indoor life. On her part, I’m sure she wasn’t too sure what to make of us and our home. This photo was taken shortly before we decided to let her roam our library.

Of course, roaming our library was one thing; allowing her access to our whole house was another thing. Yet if we were to successfully prepare Bootsie for adoption, Bootsie needed to experience what living in a regular household meant. Foremost, for my husband and I, there were the other pets to consider. At that point, foremost, that meant our tortoiseshell cat. We followed all the guidelines in pet books about initially keeping cats separated and then slowly introducing them. (In a separate post in August, I wrote about how Bootsie Learns to be a Pet.) For better or worse, when Bootsie started knocking down partitions, we decided she was ready for more freedom.

Of course, there were other acclimations to make too. Although the major hurdle of learning how to get along with Cinder had been conquered, Bootsie still needed to accept our dog. In addition, because her initial relationship had been with me, Bootsie had yet to adjust to my husband.

Once she began to explore our house, many more adventures awaited! Such as learning how to use a scratching post. Starting to regularly playing with toys. Feeling safe enough to sleep through noise and commotion.

The journey hasn’t been without some adjustments. My husband and I had to learn to respect Bootsie’s fears and to allow her time to realize that our home truly is a safe haven for her. Our pets had to adjust to sharing their space with an initially nervous cat. I also had to figure out that even the first sound of rain will send Bootsie running for cover under our bed. Oh, and apparently, Miss Bootsie doesn’t care for covered cages, bathrobes, or hanging shirt tails. Then again, every new pet will have its own personality and quirks. I’m so delighted that Bootsie has allowed our family the opportunity to know hers!

Even now as I scroll through the hundreds of photos I have taken of Bootsie, I feel amazed that only a year ago I didn’t even know she existed. When I finally did meet Bootsie, I simply thought of her as a cat who would safely live her live outdoors thanks to a local Trap-Neuter-Release group. Now she’s not only been living inside with our family for almost six months, but she’s moving towards being a lap cat. Amazing!

Whether you support a local shelter, foster, or adopt, do something today to help an animal in need. Both your life and theirs will be forever changed.

6 Responses to "Snapshot #73: Our First Foster Cat"

Good for you. She is a lovely little kitty. We found a dog this summer and already had a cat. It is a process getting them to love each other as you love them.

We had a dog AND a cat when Bootsie came into our lives. Earlier in the summer, I wrote a post about how Bootsie Learned to be a Pet, wherein I talked about acclimating her to our other pets. Definitely an adjustment!

What a lovely post Allison. I could never foster a cat, as I wouldn’t be able to give them away… Bootsie looks great- yes they are all their own individuals. We have two RSPCA dogs. BTW I love your Wrinkle in Time TShirt!

You’re the first person to notice my literary shirt. My husband gave me one for Watership Down too. Thanks for the compliment!

What a gorgeous cat.

Yes, she’s Miss Beautiful Bootsie!

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