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Animal Ambassadors: Pets Then and Now

Posted on: October 12, 2015

Can you believe that this tiny puppy, who used to fit into my hand, is now eleven years old? Welcome to a part one of a post featuring our beloved pets, as youngsters and adults.

To read part one, check out my post: Our Pets Then and Now, Part 1

As for that toy poodle featured in the opening photo, Andy writes: “Silver poodles start out black. When I brought Barnaby home with me that first day only his face had been shaved, and so he was black all over except for his silver face. Six weeks later I took him in to be groomed for the first time, and when I went back later to pick him up I was given this all-silver puppy I’d never seen before. Of course it was still Barnaby, but the sudden change took some getting used to.”

To read part two, check out my post: Our Pets Then and Now, Part 2

To read more about Barnaby, our silver poodle featured in the above two posts, check out my post: More than Stereotypes

I wrote the above posts for Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, a volunteer organization committed to improving the lives of animals and alleviating cruelty in the local community where I live. Some of their offerings include a low-cost spay/neuter program, temporary assistance pet food bank, and education about being responsible pet guardians. The latter is where I mostly help.

Which of your current pets have entered their senior years? Post your own Then and Now stories in the comments!

This post is part of the Small Victories line-up. Check out others by clicking on the below graphic.



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