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Catching up with Holly Moulder

Posted on: November 19, 2015

If you haven’t already discovered the award-winning author, Holly Moulder, check out a book by her today. Her historical fiction titles to date are: Eyes of the Calusa, A Cord of Three Strands, Crystal City Lights, and A Time to be Brave. Moulder is an author to watch. I’ll review A Time to be Brave tomorrow. Save the date: November 19!

HollyMoulderALLISON: Describe a moment as a child when you gave into fear.

HOLLY: I remember when I was about 6 years old, I was participating in a summer camp program. I didn’t like the leaders (I don’t remember why!) and my best friend wasn’t there. One day we were supposed to walk to the town’s fire station, and I didn’t want to go. Too far, too many strangers. I pretended to be sick to my stomach, and the leaders called my mom to come get me. I didn’t like being away from my home and my family.

ALLISON: What was your bravest moment as a child?

HOLLY: When I was 8, my dad had a severe heart attack. He was in the hospital over Christmas. My brothers and I worked really hard to make Christmas nice for my mom, even through she was very upset and worried. I was terrified my dad wasn’t going to live through the holidays (he did!), but I had to be strong and brave for my mom. My brothers and I wrapped presents, decorated the house….we did anything we could to take the stress off Mom. We learned to be brave as we worked together.

By the way, the title of my fourth book, A Time To Be Brave, refers to the last words my dad said to me. He died four years ago, and the last time I saw him he told me to take care of my mom. Then he said, “Remember, Holly, now is a time to be brave.”

ALLISON: If you travel back in time and give your teen-self advice, what would you say?

HOLLY: Be confident, be proud of who you are, don’t listen to those who try to hurt your feelings or make you feel less special than you are. Your dreams are going to come true, but you’d better be prepared to work for them!

ALLISON: This is my second interview with you. Catch readers up on highlights from your life we talked in the winter of 2013.

HOLLY: Last summer, in 2014, I was invited by Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany to present a program on Crystal City Lights. My husband and I traveled to two other bases in Germany and got to meet lots of soldiers and their families. We also got to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams: we spent a weekend in Paris! And, of course, there’s my new book, A Time To Be Brave.

ALLISON: Have you ever given up on a writing project? Why?

HOLLY: I haven’t actually given up, but I’ve put them off to the side for later. Lately I’ve been researching a book about the telephone girls of World War I, but I’ve been so busy with other projects that I’ve had to stop working on that one for a while. Hopefully I’ll get back to it after Christmas.

ALLISON: Airplane travel is part of A Time to be Brave. What do you like/dislike about it?

HOLLY: I am from a very aviation-minded family. My older brother was a pilot in the Navy and now has his own airplane. He’s a flight instructor. My younger brother is a hot air balloonist. And I took flying lessons years ago. I soloed several times, but never got my license. That’s still on my ‘bucket list!’ So, as you can see, I love flying!

ALLISON: Women’s suffrage is also part your novel. What is the most interesting fact you’ve discovered about this movement?

HOLLY: I was surprised that the suffragists had to fight so long and so hard to get the vote for women. I was surprised that so many were arrested and spent time in jail. I will never take this privilege lightly, and encourage all women to exercise their right to vote. Other women worked so hard to secure it for us! Also, I didn’t know that the movement leaders did not like the term “suffragette.” They thought it was demeaning.

ALLISON: You’ve now written four published books. How has your life changed since the first one?

HOLLY: I’ve learned so much about writing, publishing, and marketing my books. I’ve also learned how to take criticism without getting my feelings hurt. Usually the things readers say about my books help my writing get better. I’ve also become a little bit of a celebrity. It’s kind of fun to be recognized when I’m out in public, especially when I’m with my granddaughter (the original Macie!)

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Looks like ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ got me again. Oops! Didn’t take my own advice to edit, edit, edit!

The beauty of online publication is one can always review and edit. 😉 I’ve fixed the misuse of “your” and “you’re”. Let me know if you see any other mistakes!

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