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Six-Word Saturday #70

Posted on: December 11, 2015


Multitasking not my forte: Missing stillness

Around this time of year especially, when there are multiple invitations and holiday activities, I think a lot about the difference between multitasking and busyness. You see, as much as I like being a homebody, I enjoy socializing with family and friends too. Moreover, even though I appreciate the solitude that comes with being a writer, I also like the opportunities to interview and otherwise interact with others. Within reason, being social can energize me even an introvert like me.

So why then do I find myself sometimes being worn out by the hustle and bustle? Well, I do reach my limit on the number of socials that I want to attend and how many interviews I can conduct in a short time. Yet I’m starting to realize that the real stress on my mind and body comes instead from multitasking for a long time. My husband talks about how sometimes on his job, he needs to answer a support call, but also work on a website request, and perhaps also fix a computer. Multiple times during the day. Those types of days wear us both out. My teaching position typically requires me to multitask. I see this student, talk to this teacher, run off these papers…. That’s why in the rest of my life, I’ve learned to work hard to limit how many separate activities I do.

Right now though with holidays drawing close, each new day seems to require me to squeeze one more thing into already jam-packed days. It’s the nature of the season, I know. But I’m also starting to really miss the stillness. You know, those moments when you just sit and curl up your feet. Your mind wanders, not to three thousand things on your list, but to a new idea. And you feel that you can allow yourself time to listen to the world move about you.

That’s my week. How about yours?

6 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #70"

Mine has been spent with a little of both. I am going back to work next week.

Congrats on your return to work!

During the holidays I used to start my day by sitting in the dark with only the tree lights on just enjoying the moment so that all the busyness of the season wouldn’t get me down. Now I don’t even have time to do that. I must make the time. With technology making me be in a constant “ON” mode, it’s starting to get to me, maybe I am just getting old… 🙂 Wishing you the stillness you crave.

Your idea sounds lovely. Without taking time to enjoy the moment, the holidays end up being just a blur. I wish you stillness too!

I think we all go though this during this time of year. I know I do. It’s always a relief to see the holidays end.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Today I’m revising an article. Then I’ll clear off the items piled up on the table. After that, I might just get to relax. Whew!

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