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Current Write #2: November Writing Group Meeting

Posted on: December 21, 2015

MyMuseMondayMy Muse Monday is a fun meme where writers can meet other like-minded writers and share what they’ve been working on and how the week has gone for them. I’ve decided to post a monthly summary of my local writing group’s meetings.

In my first write-up, I noted that I finally found two local partners. One lady works regularly on educational submissions for young people. The other lady enjoys creating picture book rhyming books. This fall, we also added a third member. Like many aspiring writers, she has an unfinished novel tucked away at home. The type of writing that most appeals to her is the romance genre.

At our November meeting, none of us had any writing to share. More than likely, this will happen during holiday seasons. Instead we chatted about our writing backgrounds and future goals. My background is like that of many authors, in that I’ve always wanted to write. During my younger years I had some publication success with nonfiction and in my older years I have appreciated seeing some of my fiction published too. One of our other members also grew up wanting to be a writer and has experienced success with early readers.

While eating muffins and mini-candy bars, our discussion turned to recommendations of writing sites. I regularly use these downloadable programs to brainstorm, organize, and draft my submissions.

I even collect images and videos for research purposes at these two popular sites:

A few other recommended sites include:


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Have a fabulous day and a most blessed Christmas week. ☺

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