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Critter Photo #5

Posted on: January 4, 2016

AwwwMondays-Puppy-AvatarWith our household of critters having expanded to include three cats and a dog, I thought it fitting to join a meme related to pets. After searching around, I came across Awww….. Mondays. The one rule is: “Post a picture that makes you say Awww…. and that’s it.” Every photo seemed to feature a pet and so the meme is a perfect fit!

The two cats already weren’t sure about one another. Two cats meant food being shared, water being shared, litter being shared. Even if they each had their own individual dishes and litter boxes, there was no longer a guarantee that each item belonged to just the one cat.

Two cats also meant space being shared. The tower, the chairs, the bed. None of them were exclusive property anymore to just one. Now they would have to seek out the space before the other. Or worse, ask for permission to use a space.

There was also the matter of attention. It would now be split between two of them. No longer could attention be taken for granted or even disdained. If the one cat didn’t grab it, the other cat would be sure to steal it.

So when a third cat showed up, both cats were ever more confused. The one grumped and hissed until allowed to retreat in the basement. The other didn’t feel right making a fuss. After all, she had been the second (not first) to arrive. But her stomach started to stress. She ate less. And kept down less. Neither cat was sure about this third cat.

As for the third cat, she was sure about everyone. She bounded up to the two cats. If they backed away, she greeted them with Hi-Fives and kisses. And when time came for food, she just ate from whatever dish she wanted. No matter what time of day it was, she raced up to them to play. If they backed away, she might grab a toy. Then again, she might just take them down. She loved her home, her owners, and her new sisters.

Luckily for everyone, the two cats came around. They began to watch for their new sister. She was a fun playmate. They accepted her presence at their meals. Or batted her away until they were done. They even started to affectionally lick their new sister when she plopped beside them. She even squirmed a way into sharing sleeping spaces with them. Until one day, it became clear that all three cats had become a family.

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10 Responses to "Critter Photo #5"

what a sweet story! Cheers!

Thanks! Have a great week.

I love your story. The cats are adorable. I wish my two cats got along with each other. Tiger is a lovable cat and would be friends, but Patches is a bully. She was here first and doesn’t want to share with him. I have to watch her constantly. Am trying to be extra nice to Patches. Hasn’t worked, so far.

When my husband and I first brought Bootsie home, Cinder acted like a bully to her too. They eventually began to tolerate one another. While that was an improvement, it obviously wasn’t the best environment. Fortunately, for us, the addition of a gregarious kitten changed the dynamics. This being our first experience with multi-cat households, I don’t how one normally should handle the situation, but am relieved that Rainy proved the key in our home. All the best with your two cats!

Awww, I love a happy ending and this one has a happy ending. I’m glad you gave them time to figure things out. That doesn’t always happen.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

We love our “Cat Trio”! Enjoy your week.

A http://www... Nice cat tale, Allison. I guess the dog was okay with her?

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