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Snapshot #78: Pet Christmas

Posted on: January 21, 2016

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. This is my 2015 Christmas album.

All through the house…

Not a creature was stirring…

All were patiently standing…

Except for the dog…

Whose nose could smell treats even under the wrapping paper. 😉

Welcome to our pet Christmas! We celebrate it every year at Andy’s parents house. Pictured here are their dog, Jazzy, with the white package and our dog, Barnaby, with the red package. Besides treats, Barnaby also got a mattress for his carrier.

Quite a mess was made!

Then our cats, Cinder and Rainy, had their turn. Both of them got treats.

Cinder also got a cat treat puzzle toy. She anxiously waited for Andy to fill her toy mouse with treats. Then she checked out the toy. When it comes to food, not much stumps my insatiable girl. 🙂

Rainy got a different kind of toy. She loves to grab toys and roll around with them. We thought this one might entice her.
Apparently, Christmas had her too excited to care about toys. She did however enjoy the chance later to explore the house.

Back home, our third cat got her treats. In the first photo, I’m calling to Bootsie to come. She got a bag of treats too. In the next photo, she’s checking out her second gift. There’s a wary look in her eyes. And in the last, she’s enjoying her cat treat puzzle toy.

Meowy New Year!

12 Responses to "Snapshot #78: Pet Christmas"

NO not much of a Christmas for us. I got 3 calendars and Ben a scratcher and some toys but was only interested in the toy that had treats inside and sticking out of it! He did not seem to care though!

Sorry to hear your Christmas didn’t go well. 😦

Such cute pictures! My cat loves Christmas. Well, she loves the Christmas tree–and she spends as much time IN it as she can!

Thanks! None of our cats have ever seen a Christmas tree. Our plants seem to already attract them more than we’d like. I doubt a Christmas tree will be in their future either. 😉

Really cute photos. Pets deserve Christmas too.

Thanks! Our pets are still enjoying their Christmas gifts. 🙂

What fun! Looks like four-legged and two-legged creatures we’re all having a good time.

What a unique event. Great photos and story.

Focusing on our pets this Christmas made the holiday extra special to me.

What fun!

Having Christmas with your babies is awesome. We sure missed not being able to do this with Little Bit this past year. We always treated her to gifts and treats just like we do for everyone else.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for sharing such a delightful Christmas. ☺

Two years ago in December, just before the Christmas holidays, I lost my beloved Lucy cat. It was a quiet and sad holiday. I’m sorry Little Bit wasn’t with you this Christmas. The holidays just aren’t the same without the pets we’ve loved and lost. Hugs!

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