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Current Write #4: January Writing Group Meeting

Posted on: January 25, 2016

MyMuseMondayMy Muse Monday is a fun meme where writers can meet other like-minded writers and share what they’ve been working on and how the week has gone for them. I’ve decided to post a monthly summary of my local writing group’s meetings.

Each month, our group tries to alternate where we meet. Typically however, for the sake of a quiet and uninterrupted environment, the hosting falls to those of us who don’t have children underfoot. As for snacks, most often, the hosts provides them. In some cases, others will contribute. At our most recent meeting, the first Friday after New Year’s Day, I hosted. Due to having recently lost loved ones, I had felt too tired to prepare any snacks and one of our other members brought chocolates.

We skipped meeting in December, due to the holiday activities. For some the holidays also meant no writing got done. In my case, the opposite happened, and I had three manuscripts to share. First, I asked for feedback on a submission of mine which had gotten rejected by the religious market to whom I had submitted it. Everyone liked my 850-word essay about how lament can lead to contentment, but also thought it could use even more heart. Second, I asked for feedback on a pet anecdote which I have posted here at Allison’s Book Bag. Everyone thought it sweet and maybe worth turning into a picture book. However, we also all agreed that pet stories are quite common, and so my task would be to find an angle that would make it unique. Third, I asked for feedback on a superhero story which I wrote as part of teaching writing club. Everyone liked this one the best and had plenty of ideas of how to improve it. This story might become a candidate for revision this summer into a chapter book.

While eating chocolate, our discussion turned to recommendations of writing sites. If you write for young people, the below are invaluable sites:

Before ending our meeting, we set personal writing challenges for ourselves. One lady promised to be brave enough simply to write each day and have an idea to share with us for next meeting. Two ladies agreed to have new picture book summaries to share. As for me, after three years of working on one project, I’m now focusing on being prolific. As such, my goal is to write one new manuscript each week. Until next time, happy writing!


2 Responses to "Current Write #4: January Writing Group Meeting"

Sounds like you accomplished a lot during this meeting. That rocks.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

The group is a nice mix of relaxation and productivity. Thanks for your visit!

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