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Six-Word Saturday #73

Posted on: January 29, 2016


January was not what I expected

The New Year arrived. As always, I held lots of hope for it. On the very first day, my husband and I went to see Star Wars, and we enjoyed it. The next day, as I got ready to run errands about town, I discovered to my dismay that my keys were gone. The only place I had gone to was the theater, but no one there had seen them. We decided that I must have lost them at home, which led us to search the house multiple times. It also made me question if I was losing my memory.

On the heels of lost keys came a sick cat. I wandered into the kitchen one morning as usual to prepare food for our cats, only to discover one of them had thrown up blood. Of course, with three cats, the biggest dilemma is always which cat needs the vet. After some investigation, my husband and I discovered tin foil on the floor. Just the day before, Cinder had tried to eat from our garbage bag, which held cooked chicken remains. We drove her to the vet, where she received some antibiotics.

On the heels of lost keys and a sick cat came the news first of the death of a friend. Then of my grandmother. Although neither death was a surprise, they still emotionally made me feel sad. I ended up spending a lot of time taking breaks from my routine and catching naps. My parents were able to attend my grandmother’s funeral. The amount of time and money involved with travel kept my husband and me from being able to go. We had to settle for just sending sympathies and prayers, as well as hearing stories in the aftermath.

What was your January like?

4 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #73"

I’m sorry about your keys, your cat and the two folks you lost. Not a great start to your year. I hope things are looking up for you.

Have a blessed day and weekend. ☺

With February ahead, things have improved. All major bills are paid, teaching responsibilities have settled into a routine, and writing projects have increased. Thanks for dropping by!

I guess, all things considered, my January’s preferable to yours. I’ll cross my fingers for a turnaround (for you) and continued smoothness (for me).

As January draws to a close, life has started to look up again. With one of our animal welfare groups, I’ve taken on the responsibility of finding more writers for our blog. I’ve also increased my duties with the group I belong to that helps feed community cats. In doing these things, I’ve developed more friendships and more professional contacts, both of which have helped feel as if I’m contributing to the world in my own unique ways. All the best for a continued smooth year for you!

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