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Interview with Lisa Lindman

Posted on: February 23, 2016

LisaLindmanEver since childhood, Lisa Lindman has been reading and writing stories. She told GoodReads that the idea for her picture book, Fox Forest Band, came to her while eating lunch with her family at one of their favorite local cafes. Displayed there was a painting of some forest animals with instruments. Weeks later, while Lindman hummed to her daughter as she rocked her to sleep, the story started to unfold to her as a song. Lindman  lives in Oregon, with her husband, their daughter, and a French bulldog. Below is my interview with her. Tomorrow I’ll post my review of Fox Forest Band. Save the date: February 23!

ALLISON: Describe your childhood in five sentences or less.

LISA: My nose was almost constantly in a book. This got me in a lot of trouble because I would stop my chores halfway to read a “few pages”. I loved playing make believe and singing, and tried my best to get out of homework & housework.

ALLISON: Do you prefer small towns or big cities? Why?

LISA: I prefer living in a moderate size city close to big open spaces. I like being able to go to coffee shops and lots of yummy places to eat so I need a city like Portland, but I also like the idea that we can eventually move to a more rural area that’s only an hour away. Then, I can still drive in for yummy food, coffee & events. 🙂

ALLISON: Who most influenced you growing up?

LISA: My mom, Roald Dahl & Shel Silverstein

ALLISON: What is a memorable moment from adolescence?

LISA: My first time staring in a play. I was very shy and hated taking in front of crowds. I would even get nervous when the teacher picked me to read out loud in class. I loved theater and was in drama but never got picked for anything big, usually “Orphan # 6” or “Street Person”. It wasn’t scary being part of the chorus so I kept trying out for plays. One year, we were putting on Neil Simon’s “Fools” & a lead dropped out at the last second. I tried out and somehow won the part. I was nervous but too thrilled to turn it down. On opening night, I thought I was going to cry and laugh hysterically at the same time. The curtain went up, I said my first line and the audience laughed. My nervousness was quickly replaced by this magical euphoric feeling that didn’t leave until the last person left the theater three hours later. That was the night I realized I still loved playing make believe and I was actually good at it.

ALLISON: Why did you become a writer?

LISA: Books are magic. I wanted to create magic too.

ALLISON: Why did you write an animal fantasy?

LISA: I had this image in my head of a band made up of forest creatures and decided I would create a story around this picture some day. I also adore animals. ❤️

ALLISON: What are your favorite picture books?

LISA: Right now my favorites are Little Blue Truck, Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin (her illustrations are a dream!), and Horton Hatches an Egg.

ALLISON: What’s next?

LISA: I’m working on my next book about a little gnome on a very big adventure. It’s a really fun story!

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2 Responses to "Interview with Lisa Lindman"

I can relate to her getting lost in a book. I do the same thing now. I stop what I’m doing to read.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

How I review a book depends on how much I get lost in it. So many have me just flipping through pages so I can get to my review. I very much appreciate the ones that make me forget everything else and just pull me completely into the story.

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