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Critter Photo #9

Posted on: March 14, 2016

AwwwMondays-Puppy-AvatarWith our household of critters having expanded to include three cats and a dog, I thought it fitting to join a meme related to pets. After searching around, I came across Awww….. Mondays. The one rule is: “Post a picture that makes you say Awww…. and that’s it.” Every photo seemed to feature a pet and so the meme is a perfect fit!

Anything Rainy wants, Rainy gets! She came to us in September of 2015 and turned our lives upside down.

To welcome her to our new home, Andy and I gave Rainy a brand new food dish. To show her absolute gratitude, Rainy gobbled up her food and grinned her thanks. And then she ran off to Cinder’s dish. And to Bootsie’s dish. And finally even the dog’s dish. Where she gobbled up every last morsel. And even tipped over the dishes to show her satisfaction.

Next we gave Rainy a litter box of her own. To show her absolute gratitude, Rainy clambered over the edges and immediately squatted. And then she ran off to the Cinder’s box. And to Bootsie’s box. Each received their own deposit. Rainy made sure to check out the human bathroom too. Watching the toilet water flush was fascinating stuff and she felt sure that this should be the next place she goes.

Third and last for the day was a soft bed. It’s a gift from her godmother. The other cats don’t have any such relatives. To show her absolute gratitude, Rainy kneaded the bed just right. And then off she sprinted to the tower, where she plowed Cinder from a ledge. And away she raced to the recliner top, where she woke Bootsie from a nap. No one was safe. Not even the dog.

Except then she curled up with him. She laid her head against his face. In five seconds flat, she began to snore. Does an angel lay inside our little monster?

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6 Responses to "Critter Photo #9"

this kitty is a go getter!

Definitely! Rainy has already pulled our pets together. Who knows what she’ll do next? 😉

She’s also a snuggle cat. I adore waking up to her sleeping on my chest. That’s another story….

Wow, getting rainy was like doubling instead of just adding to the number of your pets! Is she still that active?

Pretty much! In addition, the latest challenge we’re facing is that Rainy jumps on shelves and counters. She keeps us busy. 🙂

Awww, so cute though and I love her personality. Thanks for joining Awww Mondays. It’s most appreciated.

Have a woof woof and purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

My husband and I love our little angelic monster. 🙂 I appreciate your frequent visits to my blog!

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