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Six-Word Saturday #76

Posted on: April 1, 2016


Looking for a job position, again

Every two to three years, I end up looking for a new job position. It’s the nature of the line of work I do and the hours I have. Let me explain.

In teaching, at least at our district, positions in each school are determined by the number of points provided to them. Full-time regular classroom teachers are always susceptible to cuts, but part-time Special Education teachers are at even greater risk. If a building gains .5 or loses .5, the part-time position is typically gone. And in Special Education, that happens more often than in most positions.

Thankfully, our district is relatively big. This means if one building loses .5, chances are there’s another building somewhere that has just had the opposite happen. And vice versa. That means while one might have lost their position, they still do have a job.

So far, I have lost my position four times due to cuts. Most recently, it happened at the start of this week. And to date I have eight applications out to schools. So now I’m looking forward to the next great adventure with yet another new school. Every building has taught me lessons and introduced me to a diverse group of students. I’m sure the next school year will be the same.

PS I should also explain…. The cuts become effective at the end of the school year. In other words, while I have to start applying now for new positions, I do have my current one until the end of the school year ends in May.

13 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #76"

all the best to you- sounds pretty darn stressful.

Thanks! This work year has been a stressful one. I’m hoping my next teaching year will improve. 🙂

I know exactly how you feel. I will need to start looking again soon. Hopefully you live in an area big enough that you don’t have to move, or have a long commute.

Our town is big and the district I work for is the main one. So, I should be able to get a position within relatively close distance. The farthest school seems about thirty minutes. As for moving…. my husband has a full-time and secure job. I’d take a job outside of education rather than have our family relocate for me.

Wow, not sure I could handle that every few years. Good luck to you!

I’d prefer a more stable situation, but that’s probably not going to happen. If there are silver linings to the situation, one would be the fact that I’ll get to know a lot of different schools. Another would be is that if a job stops working out, I have the comfort of knowing it’ll only last a few years. 😉

Poor you. I wish you the best of luck in landing your new job.
It seems a strange system where you are – how do buildings keep losing or gaining 0.5 points?

As the number of students go up or down, so do the points. This seems to happen most with Special Education.

It seems a policy destined to achieve nothing but instability – the last thing needed in SE

Sounds like quite a roller-coaster ride. You seem to be just fine with it though so it’s all good. I hope you get a great position for the next school year.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

Roller coaster is the right word. 😉 I’ve experienced a lot of different emotions, good and bad, the past couple of months. But it will all be good!

Best wishes, Allison, in getting a new job.

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