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Snapshot #80: Perfect Anniversary Gift from My Husband

Posted on: April 23, 2016

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. My husband and I recently celebrated our eighth anniversary. With the loss of my teaching position and so many other changes in my life, I have been feeling overwhelmed and insecure. My husband made this video to help me feel loved. He also took me out for sushi and gave me a fancy watch.


14 Responses to "Snapshot #80: Perfect Anniversary Gift from My Husband"

So fun! I love snapshot montages! 🙂

Apparently, my husband used a program called Picasso to help him create the montages.

What a super gift, and such great photos. A lot of animals in those photos too.

Yes, we’re both animal lovers. One of the many ways we’re good for each other!

That was a lovely gift and a lot of work. He did really well.

Happy 8th Anniversary to you both. ☺

My husband is very good at spoiling me. 🙂

So sorry about the loss of your teaching position. Hope you find a new and better job. Happy Anniversary. What a thoughtful gift from your husband. Here’s Mine

I just found this in spam. 😦 Thanks for your visit. Still waiting on a job. Off now to see your Saturday Snapshot.

What a lovely and thoughtful gift. Happy anniversary!

Thank you for the anniversary greetings!

What a great anniversary gift! That is truly love language in action!

My husband always knows the perfect way to show love through his gifts. 🙂

What a wonderful gift!!!

The video made me cry. It was full of so many wonderful memories.

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