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Six-Word Saturday #78

Posted on: May 6, 2016


Ten school days left before vacation!

To be honest, I started counting the days even before May. This school year has been an unusually stressful one: a few people I know died, my teaching position got surplussed, and I took on new writing challenges. I’m ready for a break.

Before summer arrives, I have all these school tasks to juggle: reading tests to score, writing papers to grade, progress reports to fill out, transition and IEP meetings, report cards to provide feedback on, appraisal paperwork to complete, writing club anthology to publish, and my classroom supplies to pack. That’s in addition to regular tasks such as planning lessons and of course teaching them.

I’m not only counting days, but I’m also making to do lists. Those lists cover family responsibilities and writing assignments as well as teaching tasks. Every time, I get a few tasks done or find myself with new tasks, I tweak my schedule. Ten days left to go!


12 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #78"

Take it easy too! Enjoy your summer!

Thanks! If I get what I want, summer will mean lots of time with family, friends, and pets. In addition, it will mean lots of being lazy and exploring new pursuits. Enjoy your summer too!

May you have a good rest and replenish your joie de vivre.

Rest is the perfect word to describe what I need. 🙂

How did those interviews go?

One school decided to combine its points with another and so that closed the position for me. Another school is still waiting on points. In other words, I’m in limbo.

On another note, three years ago yesterday I’d just gotten an offer of a teaching position. I hadn’t remembered that it took until May.

New positions get listed on Tuesday. We’ll see if this week brings any good job news.

Lucky you! 28 days left here.

😦 Hang in there!

How well I remember those end of school days. I taught for twenty-two years. Thank goodness I am retired now. (six word meme) Really, I enjoyed teaching, even when it was hectic. Look forward to the summer.

Same here. I enjoy teaching but also love my summers. Well, I’m not sure about the paperwork part. That seems to take longer every year. But I love preparing lessons and working with students. 🙂

Wow, you are busy, busy, busy. I hope the 10 days goes by without additional stress. I so remember having a plate overflowing all the time.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

This weekend, my husband and I will attend a graduation of a friend and an agility competition for our dog. We’ll also celebrate his birthday. So there’ll be some fun times in the middle of the juggling act. 🙂

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