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Six-Word Saturday #79

Posted on: June 4, 2016


Stepping back but not stepping down

In six years, Allison’s Book Bag has seen a lot of changes. So has my life. And after a lot of conversation with family and a lot of reflection on my part, I’ve decided it’s time to take a step back from this blog.

Those of you who follow my blog will have noticed that in the midst of reviews and personal memes, I’ve started to post more pet-related content. There have monthly reviews of pet books, which I supplemented with some “Inspired By” essays. Once a month, you’ve been introduced to pet articles that I’ve written for a local animal welfare group. And finally, every two weeks, everyone has been hearing stories about our crew of critters known as The Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog.

Writing book reviews and pet articles on a regular basis, along with teaching and enjoying family, has required a bit of juggling act. Now that I’ve recently been invited to start writing press releases this fall for our local animal welfare group, I’ve decided to focus my writing energies on trying to improve the life of pets. For that reason, I”m taking a step back from this blog.

A side benefit is that I might get to enjoy a more diversified reading life. My husband has been asking me for a few years to read adult best sellers with him. Plus, there are some nonfiction books I’ve been piling up for the rainy day that never seems to come. I’ve also just started discovering the pleasure again of browsing magazines! To be honest, it’ll be fun to read again without having a review as an end goal.

Just because I’m taking a step back doesn’t mean I’m shutting down Allison’s Book Bag. After I take the summer off, I’ll pop back occasionally to participate in memes and to share some reading gems with my faithful audience here. I’ve appreciated getting to know many bloggers, readers, and writers though Allison’s Book Bag. So this isn’t farewell.

When August rolls around again, I’ll be at a new school. Near the end of May, I did get assigned my new teaching position. I’ve been to the school to meet the principal. She’s nice. The school is small. It’ll be a new teaching adventure! Which will coincide with a new writing adventure. I’ll be back occasionally to share news of family, school, and other experiences including my reading ones with you.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy the future!

14 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #79"

It is always good to follow your heart. Blogging is a lot of work and so is writing reviews. So- reviewing what makes you happy is important and and taking breaks to do what you want keeps us fresh. Have a happy summer. 🙂

You have a great perspective! My schedule will be fuller this fall, but I already have a few books in mind to share…. 🙂

Ah, and just as I am returning. Enjoy your summer!

Linda, nice to hear from you again! Enjoy your return to the blogging world.

You can find me elsewhere at: This is where I live now as a writer. 😉

A change is as good as a rest. Good luck with your new role.

Thanks for the well wishes! By stepping back from my commitment to Allison’s Book Bag, I hope this next year to feel a little less as if I’m always juggle multiple tasks. I do need a rest. 🙂

I think that it is really great that you are going to be focusing on making animal’s lives better with your writing. i think that is a great way to use your writing skills!

Thank you! I appreciate your friendship and continued encouragement.

Glad to hear you have another teaching position. Good for you on taking the summer off. You will be missed.

I’m blessed to have a permanent contract. There weren’t a lot of .5 positions available. I got one of them!

Enjoy your stepping back from your blog and your summer. I’m glad you have a new teaching position. I hope it’s fulfilling for you.

Have a fabulous day and an even better summer. ☺

A summer break is very much needed! I hope your months ahead are fabulous too. 🙂

Best wishes in your new teaching position and changed reading and writing life.

Thank you. It’s been good having support from family through all the recent changes in my life.

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