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Current Write #9: Writing-in-Progress

Posted on: August 22, 2016


My Muse Monday is a fun meme where writers can meet other like-minded writers and share what they’ve been working on and how the week has gone for them. Mostly, I’ll post a monthly summary of my local writing group’s meetings. Occasionally, I’ll update you on my own writing progress.

A year ago, I made the decision to focus on writing for animal welfare, and shared here that I had no idea what the end result would be. “There will be articles. There will be stories. There might even be publications. But, I don’t know anything else. All I know is that I’ve stopped being focused on an end goal; instead for the next year at least I plan to enjoy the journey itself.”

This past spring, two concrete developments happened. First, the animal welfare group I blog for asked me to take on the role of Media Chair. Duties will include submitting a monthly article to our local newspaper’s pet section, fund-raiser details to media event calendars, and setting up television spots to promote fund-raisers. Other initiatives I’ve taken on as part of being their blogger is creating a table of contents for our blog and finding guest bloggers.

Second, I enrolled in a journalism course called Feature Writing in the Digital Age. Assignments will require me to:

    • Exercise 1: Write a rough outline of a feature article on a topic of your choice.
    • Exercise 2: Imagine you’re a celebrity reporter. Write two paragraphs introducing You, the hot new star.
    • Exercise 1: Brainstorm three different ideas. Generate at least two different angles for each.
    • Exercise 2: Using one of your angles as the topic, suggest an appropriate feature form.
    • Exercise 1: Write two different ledes based on one of the angles you developed in Lesson Two. Which one do you like better? Why?
    • Exercise 2: Write two similar ledes, in a different voice. Imagine you’re covering the same topic for two very different magazines.
    • Exercise 1: Develop a query for a how-to article.
    • Exercise 2: Write a 600-word how-to article on a topic of your choice.
    • Exercise 1: Select an interesting person to interview.
    • Exercise 2: Write a 600-word profile of a person or business.
    • Exercise 1: Choose an incident from your life and write a 600-1,000 word essay based on your experience.
    • Exercise 2: Write a 600-word op-ed on a timely issue. Include statistics or facts to support your opinion.

In addition to being online, a perk is there aren’t any set deadlines other than I need to complete the course in a year.

I have set two more goals for this fall. First, visit a local shelter and write creative profiles of homeless pets I meet. A calendar date called Dogust inspired this idea. See Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs for more details. Second, become a pet-sitter as a way to gain more experience and education with animals. I’ll keep you posted!



4 Responses to "Current Write #9: Writing-in-Progress"

I’ll await your posts. I always love reading about the wonderful stories that can and do come out of shelters.

I know you’ll do well.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Thanks for the encouragement! You’re always very supportive.

Best wishes with the course.

Thanks! I need to get working soon on the second section.

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