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Snapshot #87: The Best of the Rest of Our Vacation

Posted on: September 16, 2016

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Andy and I spent the month of July in Newfoundland with my family. This week, I’m posting the last of my photos dedicated to that trip. They are of the smaller events.

Andy and I started out visiting St. John’s, the most easterly city in North America. While there, Andy and I took time to explore its iconic side. The older side of St. Johns is known for its “colourful jellybean row houses wedged together in every space”. Although Andy and I were at times frustrated by trying to maneuver the city’s narrow and steep streets, which seem to randomly criss-cross one other, we were also delighted by the city’s distinct architecture.

After exploring the East Coast of Newfoundland, Andy and I headed inland to my family’s home. On the first weekend, all of us went out for a meal at The Mount Peyton Hotel. My new favorite traditional Newfoundland dishes are now toutons (shown in the first photo below) and bread pudding, replacing fish and chips.

For a week, Andy and I mostly allowed ourselves to be lazy. We read books, took naps, played games, and enjoyed my step-mom’s homecooked meals. Oh, and I wrote some articles about Newfoundland pet rescue groups.

After that, Andy and I got busy visiting folks. As always, Andy and I took time to eat at restaurants unique to the area. We ate a few times at Mary Brown’s. The very first Mary Brown’s opened in St. John’s in 1969, and now the chain has over 100 locations throughout Canada. We ate at A&W, where Robert has worked for the past year. Last, we checked out Papa’s Sweet Shop. It’s a family business which serves up ice-cream, hot dogs and nachos, and old-fashioned sweets.

In our final weekend, there was another highlight. Members of my home church, Windsor Pentecostal Tabernacle, were encouraged to attend a memorial at the cemetery. The event was an informal one, where people showed up at various times during a set time period. My dad and I bought a bouquet of roses to place at my mother’s grave.

All too soon, the end of July arrived and we faced saying goodbye to my family for another year. On our return trip, my supportive husband always comes up with a series of questions to help keep my mind off being homesick. We talked about what we’d miss about Newfoundland, what we were looking forward to in Nebraska, and plans for future visits. This year, we bought ourselves treats at Eddy’s Yogurt Factory in South Brook. We each selected a flavor of yogurt and then piled on the toppings. Our vacations are always full of big and small moments, just as life itself should be.


10 Responses to "Snapshot #87: The Best of the Rest of Our Vacation"

I have always wanted to visit Newfoundland!! Maybe in a few years when my husband retires & the kids are out of school & we can start to travel more again. Gorgeous photos – I especially like the brightly colored houses!


Book By Book

Newfoundland is currently the only place we visit. When my husband and I retire, like you, we might travel to more places. 🙂

I love those row houses…I’ve only seen the Northwestern Canadian provinces.

The row houses also remind me of San Francisco. And the narrow, crooked streets, too.

Thanks for sharing, and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

In contrast, Andy and I have mostly seen the Eastern side of North America. One of these days we’ll venture West!

I love these photos– what beautiful and creative homes! Also your desserts- yum! Thank you for sharing.

Not pictured here is our yogurt dessert. I piled it high with sprinkles, marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate. Nothing like sugar to stop one’s tears. 😉

Nice photos! I’m glad that you enjoyed your visits to the East Coast and home.

Thank you! If we skip a visit next year so that you and Leonora can see Nebraska, we’ll miss getting to see all the unique sights. But we’ll enjoy getting to instead show off the sights of the Midwest. 🙂

I can see why they’re called “jellybean row houses.” So colorful and with so much personality, especially as compared to the cookie-cutter houses built today. Looks like you had a wonderful, love-filled vacation. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Initially, my husband is the one who had the strongest interest in seeing St. John’s architecture. Having grown-up in Newfoundland, I was used to seeing photos of our capital city. I’m glad he scheduled a few hours for us to walk about St. John’s. The houses there do have so much personality!

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