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Snapshot #88: Katy Perry Concerts

Posted on: October 21, 2016

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. Concerts make me happy. I sing, dance, and just enjoy being silly. Whatever’s happening in my life, concerts always provides me with an escape for an evening. Because my fall this year feels terribly long, for the next few weeks, I’m going to entertain everyone with some photos from a few of my favorite concerts.

The first two concerts I’ll share are those my husband and I saw by Katy Perry. My sister first introduced this pop singer’s music to Andy and me. He was immediately hooked, while I remained a little uncomfortable with some of Katy’s more risqué songs. Enough so, enough of her songs appealed to me that I agreed in 2011 to an out-of-town concert. Katy’s imagination and exuberance turned me into an overnight fan. I now have all her CDs. Also, when Katy’s Prismatic World Tour actually came to our town in 2o14, there was no way we were missing it.

At this point, I have to admit to cheating a little in this post. Andy is better photographer between the two of us and so he’s the one who took all the photos. (But for the record, he used my camera. His is too big to slip past security.) Not only that but he created the Facebook albums, wrote all the comments in them, and…. well, so basically I’m sharing my husband’s work here.

11,000 people attended that first concert. It had a very late start. First there was the opening act, then a DJ played a bunch of music while tweets from the audience were displayed on big screens. Then random people from the audience were shown on the screens, some of whom were encouraged to kiss. Then a man and woman came out on stage and shot some prizes into the crowd.

Ninety minutes later, Katy Perry finally took the stage. Her first song was Teenage Dream.


Because our old slow camera, a lot of the shots are blurry. But some of them ended up with a cool painterly look.


Throughout the song Hot and Cold, Katy went through a number of super-speedy costume changes. She’d duck behind curtains and rip off her top layer of clothing and step out a few seconds later in a new outfit. For one of her costume changes, she’s wearing a yellow dress when a guy lifts a curtain around her, then five seconds later the curtain falls and she’s wearing a green dress.


Katy did one cover: Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody. She hand-picked audience members to dance with her on stage. Katy’s the one at the far right with the blue hair.


The tour is called California Dreams, so the concert naturally ended with California Gurls. Giant beach balls were dropped onto the audience, who batted them around. There were at least three water cannons that Katy and her dancers fired into the crowd. Tons of confetti were also shot into the crowd. After the concert we saw one guy who was drenched and plastered with confetti. Sitting up front has its price. Not that we would have minded!


For our second concert, Andy and I bought tickets closer to the front. We arrived at the venue early to avoid fighting the crowds. And we had a better camera. Such a good camera I guess that Andy felt no need to add descriptions in his Facebook album.






Besides the incredible number of set changes, you’ll also notice that a number of our photos showing Katy interacting with the audience. This sold me on her, along with her passion and creativity. Katy Perry rocks!

PS My favorite songs of hers? The self-esteem ones: Part of Me, Fireworks, and Roar.

6 Responses to "Snapshot #88: Katy Perry Concerts"

I would love to see Katy Perry in concert! Looks like it was amazing – so many different costumes & looks!

Thanks for sharing –


Book By Book

Maybe one day you’ll get to a Katy Perry concert! She’s certainly talented and worth seeing perform.

looks like a fun time.

Concerts generally are fun! I’ll be sharing more of them in the weeks ahead. 😉

Oh, I would love to have been there! I do love that “painterly” look. Thanks for sharing, and here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Thanks for dropping by! Off to see you snapshot….

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