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Snapshot #89: Pink Concert

Posted on: October 28, 2016

Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. As I said last week, my fall this year feels terribly long. Because concerts let me escape the daily stress, I’m going to entertain everyone for a few weeks with photos from a few favorites. I started by sharing from two Katy Perry concerts and now will turn to a Pink concert.

P!nk stays on the heart to sing the family-friendly version of F-----' Perfect.

Pink stays on the heart to sing the family-friendly version of F—–‘ Perfect.

My husband first introduced this pop singer’s music to me by sending me the video for her song “Perfect”. I played the video over and over. The song so perfectly captured how I often felt. I tried a few of Pink’s other songs and found immediate connection with several of them. When Andy bought me the album with “Perfect” on it, I almost wore out the CD. Many of the songs even became theme songs for my main character in my now shelved novel.

When the tour schedule came out for the album and included our town, Andy and I wasted no time in buying tickets. The only decision was in what seats to get. We quickly decided to get the “best”, or VIP tickets for the pit, the standing-room-only area around the stage.

Andy spent the next few months regretting his decision. General admission would mean having to get to the arena early in order to get close to the stage. How early, we had no idea. But certainly we could be on our feet for hours and hours. Would we actually end up anywhere close to the stage? And would we have the ability to take bathroom breaks? Why, Andy lamented, didn’t we just get reserved seats?

And here I’m going to cheat a little (actually a LOT) in this post. Andy is the better photographer between the two of us and so he’s the one who took all the photos. Not only that, but he created the Facebook album, captioned all of the photos, and…. well, so basically I’m sharing my husband’s work here.

pink_liningupThe morning of the concert, we stopped by the arena to see if a line had started to form. Nope! We returned again at 1:00. Still no line. And back at 3:30. A line had just started to form, but we also had to go home to get something we’d forgotten. (Maybe identification?) When we returned at 4:00, we were 8th and 9th in line. Pretty good!

We stood in line for ninety minutes before being let in at 5:30. Security gave us our goody bags: a Pink tote bag containing a Pink blanket, a Pink baseball cap, and a VIP pass. Then we stood in line for another thirty minutes until the merchandise table opened. Those who wanted to buy stuff were able to leave the line and return to their place when they were done.

At 6:30, we were taken into the auditorium and down to the pit, where we all scrambled for position. Because we were near the front of the line we had our pick. We went right to the spot Andy had chosen ahead of time-at the bottom point of the small heart-shaped stage that extended out from the main stage. While Pink would only come out to the heart occasionally, when she did she was guaranteed to be very close. A nearby fan, for whom this would be her fourth Pink concert, said we were in the best spot.


In Andy’s words: “Hats off to anyone with a job that requires them to stand all day. I couldn’t do it. We got in line at 4:00 and didn’t sit down until we got back to our car at 11:00. All that standing nearly did me in.”

The couple behind us was kind enough to take our picture. The drum set and other equipment behind us belongs to Pink’s opening act. Following the tradition of other concertgoers who had signed Pink’s stage, I added our names.



The lady in the below photo is a huge Pink fan. In fact, she’d just been to the Pink concert the night before in Des Moines. Her goal was to get Pink to sign her arm so she could have the signature made into a tattoo. Was she successful? Stay tuned!


We had secured our primo spots, but how close would we get to Pink? Would we make contact? We weren’t kept in suspense for long. Pink came out to the heart-shaped stage during her third song (Just Like a Pill) and began shaking hands with and high-fiving her fans. The fingers at the bottom of this photo are mine, as I get a handshake from Pink. After this, Andy got a high-five.


Pink does a lot of acrobatics in her shows. Often she would “launch” from within the heart-shaped stage.


At one point in the show, Pink receives some gifts from some of her fans in the pit. Pink rockin’ her new hat.


And then… Success! Our neighbor gets Pink’s signature!


A shot of Pink singing.


6 Responses to "Snapshot #89: Pink Concert"

I think I must be the only person I know who has never been to a pink concert. Your VIP day looks great.

I’m always surprised at how many people of all ages seem to love P!NK. Her music really connects to the heart.

Don’t worry…it’s not cheating to use your husband’s pictures (I’ve done it myself in the past!). What a great concert! I mostly know P!nk through Body Pump classes, but I do enjoy sweating to her music!

Until this fall, I’ve only used my husband’s photos to feature his excellent photography skills. With my life getting more crazy, however, I might end up relying on more of his photos in the future. 🙂 Isn’t P!NK’s music great for working out to?

Looks like a great concert! The VIP tickets were a good choice, even though that’s a long time to be on your feet. Can you imagine getting a Pink tattoo?

When I started looking for photos for this meme, I couldn’t believe that we’ve just been to one P!NK concert. We’re have all of P!NK’s CDs and know so many of her songs by heart. But we would draw the line at a P!NK tattoo. 😉

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