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Six-Word Saturday #81

Posted on: November 26, 2016


Accepted new job; adventure lies ahead

After I resigned my teaching position in October, I allowed myself a week to watch television and mope. Then I started watching job sites, recording possible options on a spreadsheet, and submitting applications. I also began learning new software that might be relevant to future jobs. For the first time since the new school year had started-up, I made blogging a habit again. Soon not only did the aches and pains in my body start to decrease, but I also received requests for several interviews.

Fears that I might end up searching for months for employment began to fade. Better yet, starting December 5, I will be working as a part-time administrative assistant at Bethany Christian Church. Part of my duties will be clerical, but I’ll also use my writing and designing skills to create their publications.

Thanks to my family and friends who supported me both through my decision to resign my teaching position and in my search for a new job. Praise to God, too, who has seen me through a rough year.

Last January, through a Casting Crowns concert, God told me that it was time for me to “more than just survive”. It was time to “thrive”. I have to admit though that more than once over the past year I’ve felt as if my life were falling apart. However, again through the lyrics of a Casting Crowns song, God assured that my life was “falling into place”.

What lays ahead besides my new job, we have no idea. God has been working on my life telling me to give Him control. So all I know about the future is that I plan to allow myself time to explore. I’ve picked out some potential marketing classes to take and applied to some part-time jobs. Will I end up working with animals? Or maybe tutoring students in writing? I don’t know. All I know is adventure lies ahead and I’ve got my family, friends, and God to support me.

14 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #81"

Wishing you all the best in your new job and future adventures.
dropping by from 6ws

Thanks! Tomorrow I sign paperwork for my new job and finalize my schedule.

Congratulations on your new job! I need to surrender and learn to follow where He leads.

Part of what amazes me about God is that despite how desperately short in serving Him, God stays faithful to me. Thanks for the congrats!

good for you! Have a lovely day and great week ahead!

Next week, I have a few writing commitments. Otherwise, I plan to enjoy an abundance of relaxation time before joining the workforce again. 😉

This former Special Educator turned Mental Health Case Manager turned paraeducator, now on the glide path to retirement (end of the school year, I think) salutes you on your journey!

Small world! Not only was I a Special Education teacher, but I was also a paraeducator.

Thanks for the well wishes. All the best on your retirement!

Now you’ll have more time for poetry. 🙂

If you hate your job it’s not a good place to be. If you love your job or what you’re doing then you’re on the right track. I’m glad you’re listening to your creator.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

I have other friends who found themselves in bad jobs and who are looking for work too. My prayers are with them for a better career too!


Thanks! I’m especially happy to have landed a job that will allow me to use my creative skills.

Good luck on the new job.

Thanks! I’m excited to start. 🙂

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