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Snapshot #93: Baby Album: My First Christmas

Posted on: December 23, 2016

Last week, I shared that for a long time I’ve been wanting to create a memory scrapbook from my childhood and that Saturday Snapshot seemed like the right forum. This project will be a work-in-progress, where I mostly post in order of scanned photos. Sometimes though, such as during holiday seasons, I’ll deviate from that plan.

Next up in my trip down memory lane are photos from what seems to be my first Christmas. I remember nothing about it, but will have to rely on the photos for clues. For example, we must have opened up gifts early, because everyone is still in their pajamas. Also, I seemed to have gotten an early start on liking dolls, as my parents are holding one for me in both photos. Then again, I’m not really paying much attention to the doll, and so I may simply be showing my early interest in getting gifts. 😉


I seemed to have pretty well in the gift department. The sofa is lined with my gifts. I got a doll, a plush, and a toy TV. There’s another photo (not shown here) where I’m dressed in new clothes and shaking a rattle. There’s also one (not shown here) where I’m in an indoor swing. I must have ended up pretty thirsty after receiving all those gifts, because I wanted my milk bottle.


Here’s the last of the Christmas photos. Everyone’s all dressed up. You can see my new outfit. Even all those years ago, red was a favorite color of mine. Last, the photos show an early interest in dogs. I grew up with Samoyed, a gentle but protective breed, and we had three at different times during my formative years.


Christmas is just around the corner. I hope you have a blessed one!

12 Responses to "Snapshot #93: Baby Album: My First Christmas"

Great photos! It’s interesting how the presents don’t seem to be wrapped under the tree- different to now? Maybe your parents didn’t bother bother as you were so little?

Great observation! It’s possible the presents were wrapped and the photos are after they’ve been opened. Given how awfully tired my parents look in the first photos though, it seems more likely they took the photos right after getting up. In that case, I’m guessing my parents didn’t bother because I was so little.

What a fun idea! If my parents were in the area (they have all the pictures), I might just go searching for my first Christmas as well!

More photos of “firsts” will come over the next year. Merry Christmas!

Thanks for sharing photos from your first Christmas. I need to look through my old photo albums, too, and put together a memory scrapbook. I’ve been wanting to start one for my granddaughter (age 5) with favorite pictures from her baby years. Sounds like a good project for winter’s cold drizzly days.

Sounds like you have a new year’s resolution. 😉

It’s great to look back on old photos isn’t it? Your dog looks like the perfect blend of snow and marshmallow in that picture!

Although I haven’t done it for a while, I used to also look back at old journals. Looking back somehow also helps me move forward!

What wonderful memories. My sister has all our childhood photographs. They all pretty much look alike. Ours are in black and white though. Early 50s.

Have a fabulous day and a very Merry Christmas. 🙂

I grew up an only child and so I am the keeper of my childhood photographs. There’s a lot of them, all reflecting changes in my life and those I love over the years. I’ve found a few black and white, but most of them are color.

Merry Christmas! Have a blessed season.

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