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Six-Word Saturday #83

Posted on: December 30, 2016


Great first month at new job!

On December 5, I began my new position as a part-time church administrative assistant. When I interviewed for the job I asked, “What are your expectations for the first month?” I liked the answer: “Learn the routines.” On the church’s end, they provided me with on-the-job training from the previous assistant. On my end, I took lots of notes, asked lots of questions, and played around with software. Next week I’ll be on my own and I think I’m ready!

Every day starts by my opening up the church, answering phone calls, and sorting through mail. On Mondays, I enter attendance into Power Church, edit the Sunday bulletin, create a visitor list, and edit the pastoral list. I also prepare any inserts and start on the weekly. On Tuesdays, I finish up the weekly, print all publications, and compile them. I also take and create any food pantry orders. By Wednesday, I’m ready to start working on the monthly, which is a twenty-page publication. I also send out reminders to committees of meetings. By Thursday, the routine commitments are taken care of, but there’s always stuff to do. There are photocopies to make, supplies to order, meetings or repairs to schedule, etc. After I become more independent, I’ll start finding my own content for publications, designing bulletin boards, and coordinating the usage of social media. I love how much I’m helping others, but also putting my own touches to the job.

Church Bulletin (Front, Back)

Church Bulletin (Front, Back)

Church Weekly (front)

Church Weekly (Front)

That’s my week! How about yours?

2 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #83"

Very nicely done. It looks like you are fitting in very nicely. I’m not surprised.

Have a fabulous day and a very happy New Year. ☺

Thanks for the compliment. It’s nice to have a job again where I feel valued. I like going to work now. Great feeling!

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