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Critter Photo #28

Posted on: February 6, 2017

With our household of critters having expanded to include three cats and a dog, I thought it fitting to join a meme related to pets. After searching around, I came across Awww….. Mondays. The one rule is: “Post a picture that makes you say Awww…. and that’s it.” Every photo seemed to feature a pet and so the meme is a perfect fit!

cinder_allisonBedtime came and Cinder remained on the cat tower in the living room. Using a footstool, I reached up and pulled her close to me. “I love you,” I whispered.

Cinder squirmed in my arms and squeaked. I sighed. Her message came across clear, “Why do you got to hug me?”

Although she’d showed all the signs of being a lap cat when we visited her at the shelter, within weeks of bringing her home, Cinder easily fit the stereotype of an aloof cat. Not being deterred, I stubbornly set about trying to win her over. Observing that Cinder liked to sleep on pillows, I placed one just for her at the foot of our bed. Knowing that she liked treats, I sprinkled them every night on our bed. My planned worked. Cinder would bound up next to me, gobble up her treats, and then curl up for a nap.

Food was proving a strong motivator for Cinder. Every meal time she’d hang out with us, maybe from a distance, but at least still within the same room. And if chicken or fish were on our plates, look out! Then Cinder would pace the back of our recliner or even plop herself next to Andy or me. Of course, if we weren’t careful, she’d grab our food and run. Obviously, Cinder wasn’t hanging out with us just because she loved our company. Still the more often she had positive associations with us, the more chance she’d eventually come to enjoy our mere presence.

cinder_andyAnd then we adopted Bootsie, which stirred up jealous feelings in Cinder. You see, Bootsie was the exact opposite of Cinder, which meant my lap suddenly stopped being free. If I typed on my laptop, Bootsie would snuggle tight against me. If I wrote in my journal, Bootsie would curl up on my free leg. If I watched television, Bootsie would claim my lap and fall asleep on it. Over time, I started to notice a change in Cinder. It’s not a consistent one. But it’s a change.

When I’d sit to work or to relax, sure enough, Bootsie would crawl on me. Then a short time later, Cinder would meander her way to the arm of the recliner next to me, where she’d stretch out for a nap. Or if I retired to the bedroom to read, sure enough, Bootsie would seek me out. And a short time later, Cinder would casually climb our pet stairs to the bed. A little jealously at work?

Bedtime comes and Cinder remains on the cat tower in the living room. Andy and I call out to her. Minutes later, there’s the light tread of paws on our bed. And then Cinder sniffs my husband’s face, before curling up by his feet for her nightly snooze.

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2 Responses to "Critter Photo #28"

What a lovely post. A huge Awww. All cats are different. I’ve had many and they all have their own personalities. As long as Cinder knows you want her with you then all is well.

Hope you had a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

Thank you! When I got guinea pigs, people warned me that they’d all be the same. Nothing was further from the truth. When I got my first cat, I’d heard that cats were aloof, moody, and independent. Some them are; but a lot aren’t. Plus, when you have three with different personalities, it’s fun having a mix. Truth is, animals like people are all unique. 😉 Have a purrfect week!

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