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Snapshot #95: Baby Album: Our Family Dog

Posted on: February 17, 2017

Four years ago, I joined Saturday Snapshot. The meme invites bloggers to share photos. One of my new year’s resolutions was to create a memory scrapbook from my childhood. I intend for the project to be a work-in-progress, where I mostly post in order of scanned photos. So far, I’ve posted about my parents and about my first Christmas. Next up in my trip down memory lane are photos of me with the family dog.

My dad has always been a dog person. I have too, although in this first photo I seem a little hesitant about the big white beast next to me. Smokey seems unsure of me too. Or maybe we both just felt as if our space had been invaded! The next photo we’re further apart but also more tolerant even if not completely comfortable with one another.



Here I seem happy enough to touch the big white beast in the family. Smokey looks as if patiently accepting that I was in the family to stay. And in the next photo we’ve both deliberately chosen to hang out with one another. Maybe we were lonely. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else around except of course the photographer. Or maybe we were truly becoming friends.



At any rate, these photos were the first signs of the road I was to take as a dog person. After Smokey, there was Puff, Polar, Cocoa, Choco, and Chuckles. Then I moved to the Midwest, got married, and remained a dog person. We lost Gizmo is 2015. Our toy poodle, Barnaby, is twelve.

PS I’m also now a cat person, but that’s another story!

12 Responses to "Snapshot #95: Baby Album: Our Family Dog"

What lovely photos, and to see where your love of animals began.

Thanks! Off to visit your blog….

What lovely photo memories of Smokey.Such a beautiful dog, I’ve never had a big hairy dog like that.

I grew up with big dogs. Then someone gave us a small dog and we switched. I still have a fondness for Samoyed.

Beautiful photos. Our pets become part of our family, don’t they? I’ve always been a dog person, too.

The first steps in a journey are very important…thanks for showing us your “dog journey.”


I’m thankful for my parents having instilled a love of animals in me as a baby.

Having our four legged family members is what counts. I love them all. They just don’t stay long enough.

You were an adorable little one.

Have a fabulous day, Allison. ☺

Thanks for the compliment! Yes, life is too short for all of our family members.

Nice collection of photos! They bring back many memories.

Thanks for your comment! When I complete an album, I’ll ask you to share any memories the photos bring back. Then I’ll compile everything into a scrapbook for us.

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