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Critter Photo #30

Posted on: February 20, 2017

With our household of critters having expanded to include three cats and a dog, I thought it fitting to join a meme related to pets. After searching around, I came across Awww….. Mondays. The one rule is: “Post a picture that makes you say Awww…. and that’s it.” Every photo seemed to feature a pet and so the meme is a perfect fit!

rainy_toothbrushSniff! Nibble! Chomp! Rainy likes to chew. Today it’s my pencil. It could just as easily be a toothbrush. More than one have been played with in those early days of my brushing her teeth. Or it could just as easily be a bag of dog treats that the humans in the house forgot to put away. When Rainy discovers the bag (and she has on multiple occasions), she carries it under the bed to rip open and to devour its contents. Once she even puked from eating too much, but that has yet to halt her boisterous ways.

rainy_fuzzytoyRush! Grab! Wrestle! Rainy likes to pounce. Today it’s my feet. It could as just as easily be a fuzzy toy. Those disappear in our house the way raindrops do outside. Rainy will roll around with one, carry it in her mouth, and then hide it where no human will find it. Or it could just as easily be a harmless spider. I pity any creature who tries to race her. She’s guaranteed to win and isn’t gentle to losers. Just ask the mouse she once left under the carpet for me.

rainy_chestPat! Kiss! Wrap! Rainy likes to snuggle. Today it’s next to our toy poodle. It could just as easily be with one of her sisters. We have found her sprawled in a window bed with Cinder during the day and curled up next to Bootsie at night. Or it could just as easily be on my side. My favorite time of night is waking up to her asleep and purring on me.

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6 Responses to "Critter Photo #30"

what a lovely cat- wouldn’t it be boring if all she did was eat and sleep!
Lucy likes to sleep on us also- have a great day!

If anything, I think Rainy has become more active as she’s matured. She challenges me to continually search out ways to enrich cats. Her energy and curiosity is limitless!

From your description of Rainy, I’d suspect that our Lexie is related to her. However, Lexie’s being a dog, I realize that she isn’t. Life sure isn’t dull with them around.

Rainy changed our life for the better. I can’t imagine our lives without her. May Lexie change yours in the same way!

Awww, she’s so cute I would never get angry at her for anything. So precious.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday, Rainy. My best to your peeps. ☺

We’d love to teach Rainy to stay off counters and to not steal our dog’s food. Otherwise, yes, she’s perfect. 😉 Thanks for the visit!

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