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Snapshot #97: Baby Album: My Many Early Interests!

Posted on: March 3, 2017

Four years ago, I joined Saturday Snapshot. The meme invites bloggers to share photos. One of my new year’s resolutions was to create a memory scrapbook from my childhood. I intend for the project to be a work-in-progress, where I mostly post in order of scanned photos. Last month I posted about my first introduction to dogs. Next up in my trip down memory lane are photos that show my potential other interests.

Ah-ha! I liked balls. Could sports be in my future? Not a chance! Unless I can win awards for the most times I throw or hit something in the wrong direction. 😉


Still, there’s plenty to indicate that I liked to be active. Here I am getting around in various modes of transportation. None of them explain why I waited until my twenties to get my driver’s license. Maybe I’m just a late-bloomer. Turns out, that I’m also a homebody and so more often than not you’ll find me at work or at home.




I also enjoyed a good swing set. What kid doesn’t? 😉 Maybe when combined with the second photo, it shows I liked the outdoors. If so, this still holds true!



Or maybe the second photo shows that I liked having friends. Perhaps that would explain my interest in phones. 😉 Or maybe it revealed an early interest to talk? My husband would agree! Today I put my verbal “skill” to good use, not only to network with volunteers for animal rescue but also to put words to paper and screen.


2 Responses to "Snapshot #97: Baby Album: My Many Early Interests!"

I love your adorable photos! With your tricycle, car, and horse, looks like you had lots of transportation options. My son had a “horsey” similar to the one you’re riding in the photo with the fern in the background. He loved it.

At times, looking back at these photos feels odd to me. I don’t remember any of these toys or the last time I’ve seen any of them. I know that I eventually had child bikes and other play phones. Even those though are vague memories. It’s really interesting seeing the difference in the people, including myself, as we all mature.

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