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Snapshot #99: Baby Album: Aunts and Uncles

Posted on: March 24, 2017

Four years ago, I joined Saturday Snapshot. The meme invites bloggers to share photos. One of my new year’s resolutions was to create a memory scrapbook from my childhood. I intend for the project to be a work-in-progress, where I mostly post in order of scanned photos. So far, I have posted about my parents and grandparents, the family dog, and personal interests. Next up are photos that include my aunts and uncles or my mom’s siblings (Gertrude, Kathy, Melvin, Monte) and my dad’s siblings (Ruth).

The first photo is at my grandparents’ place and is of them, my parents, some of my aunts and uncles, and me. Everything about the interior has long since changed. The second photo seems to have been taken before my parents flew to Ontario to visit relatives on my dad’s side. A favorite photo of mine is the third which shows just my uncles with me.

Naturally, my relatives have changed a lot since my cradle day photos. Most of have married, had children, and even retired. As such, they sport gray hair and struggle with some health issues. Except for my relatives who moved away from Newfoundland, I get to visit everyone on my mom’s side once a year. Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Calvin will invite Andy and I over for a home-cooked meal. Uncle Melvin and Aunt Linda share my love of travel and pets. With Uncle Monte and Verna, I enjoy long conversations about anything and everything.

On my dad’s side, there’s just Aunt Ruth and Uncle John. The first photo is of them with me and the second is of me with their dog. Andy and I have gone four times since my move to Nebraska to visit them. The first was for a cousin’s wedding; two were just to connect; and the fourth was for my nan’s funeral. Andy and I enjoyed their house in the woods and by a lake. We appreciated that they took time to show off places about their community, hike with us, and treated us to homemade and restaurant meals.

6 Responses to "Snapshot #99: Baby Album: Aunts and Uncles"

Family can be a good thing. I’m glad you visit with them as often as you can. We all grow old and depart at some point.

Have a fabulous day, Allison. ☺

My parents will visit me this fall. After that, because of my job change, I don’t how often I’ll get to visit but family will remain priority. 🙂

This is a great project. It’s always fun to see home decor from the past, isn’t it? Especially when beloved friends and family are in the pictures. Those photos are treasures.

It’ll be interesting to see how scenery and people change as I move forward into other photo albums. Thanks for the interest!

Nice selection of photos, Allison. They and your comments on them brought back fond memories.

Thanks! I have one more set of photos to share and then I’ll be finished with my first baby album.

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