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Six-Word Saturday #85

Posted on: April 14, 2017


Nonfiction journey: finished a journalism course

When I dropped my novel back in August of 2015, I began a journey into nonfiction. As part of that journey, I decided to take an online journalism course from University of Wisconsin. The one I took focused on digital feature writing.

There were six units to the course. The first assignment required me to create an outline of an article. I submitted an outline for an article I’d already written for a blog post, but thought I might turn into a submission for a professional pet magazine.

The next assignment required me to research markets of interest and write a query. Knowing that I wanted to build my reputation before I submitted to professional pet magazines, I researched local publications. In doing so, I discovered that pet care articles were already being carried. What I decided to offer instead were training articles and spotlights on unsung workers in the animal welfare world. What most excited me about this assignment is I submitted my first query.

The third assignment required me to write ledes for the article I had proposed in my query. My ledes were to be written for different audiences. We have a local kids publication and a local seniors publication. I wrote my ledes with those two publications in mind.

The remaining units required me to write full-length pieces: how to article, profile interview, personal experience, and opinion. Naturally, I wrote articles that I could use at my animal welfare blog and/or submit to local publications. I covered topics that had been of interest to me for some time: pet training, pet volunteers, and social media. Here’s the link to my article on social media: Does Social Media Help or Hurt Homeless Animals?

Next week, I’ll share a publishing success that arose from my now completed course. Check out other reader posts at a new SWS home: Travel with Intent.

4 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #85"

Laying the groundwork for what you intend to do is key. Very smart of you for taking this course.

Have a fabulous day, Happy Easter. ☺

My two-year plan is to take a series of marketing courses, followed by more journalism courses. Enjoy the Easter season!

Well done Alison. I look forward to next week’s update.
Happy Easter!

Thanks. Enjoy the Easter season!

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