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Interview with the Editor of Lincoln Kids

Posted on: May 1, 2017

This past Saturday, I shared the news that I’m now a pet training columnist and book reviewer for Lincoln Kids Newspaper. The newspaper is a quarterly publication full of information and events for local families. As a follow-up to my news, I want to introduce you to the editor of Lincoln Kids: Karla Goerl.

Karla, her husband Bennett, and their son Kenny

Karla, her husband Bennett, and their son Kenny

ALLISON: When and why did you get involved with Lincoln Kids?

KARLA: Lincoln Kids! Newspaper was started 24 years ago by my father-in-law, Mark Martin. In 2014, he began pondering the idea of retirement but still wanted to keep the paper a family project. So he asked his son, Bennett (my husband), if we would be willing to carry it on. I would take over as Publisher and my husband would spearhead Distribution. I could instantly envision a future with Lincoln Kids–it felt like a perfect fit. So in 2015 he took me under his wing and my training began. Then, on April 1, 2016, Mark officially stepped into retirement and I assumed all production of Lincoln Kids. Before this I had many years in Hospitality & Administration. It’s been quite the learning curve, especially with the official switch-over occurring when I was eight months pregnant with my first child, but I truly love the paper and what it stands for: learning about and promoting local businesses & organizations and providing a one-stop local resource for our amazing community of families!

ALLISON: What skills—business or otherwise–do you bring to Lincoln Kids?

KARLA: I have always been a writer, artist, creator, and visual perfectionist. Plus I have a professional history of business administration, and these aspects all go hand-in-hand for Lincoln Kids. I love the creative side of the paper: designing advertisements, writing articles, reading and editing, creating the flow, fine-tuning the layout. etc. All of that, tied in with my administrative experience, works seamlessly as publisher & owner. I’ll always have facets that I need to expand and work on; for instance, I’ve always felt inadequate with my sales and communication skills, but having a career in publishing had made me research, learn, and exercise my growing abilities in that field.

ALLISON: Do you consider yourself foremost an editor, designer, or writer?

KARLA: I wear all of those hats simultaneously when producing Lincoln Kids. Creating each issue is really a one-man operation. But if I had to choose, my main title would probably be editor, which is good, because just as I love to write and design, I also love to edit. I review all content submitted for each issue, plus I proof, edit, & revise all articles and in-house advertisements. One of the last things to occur during production is finalizing the layout & flow of content. The perfectionist in me says I’m never truly done. 🙂

ALLISON: What did you want to be when you grew up?

KARLA: As a toddler, I distinctly remember wanting to be a duck…and a train. (Un)fortunately those dreams were never within reach. In grade school, I wanted to be an author and an illustrator. (I still write poetry, books, & articles, plus I draw & paint among other art forms). Then in high-school, I upped my focus on academics. Being still passionate about art I took several advanced art classes, but also I dove deep into mathematics, science, and history. When I went to college I majored in Studio Art, but I also took several science and history classes. All subjects fascinate me. I think what I ended up growing up to be is a blessed fit. Each edition of Lincoln Kids. allows me exercise almost all of my passions. And not only does the work side of it keep my mind active, but the content for my readership is often scholastic & art-focused as well.

ALLISON: How involved is your family with Lincoln Kids? Who is in your family—including pets?

KARLA: My entire family is involved with Lincoln Kids Newspaper, including my extended family. My in-laws still help edit the final product before printing, plus Mark will always be my consulting publisher and soundboard. My own parents help with ideas; in the last issue (Spring ’17) my mother set up contact for an article contribution. My extended family is speckled with educators who look forward to reading each paper, and forward-thinkers with ideas for new clients and distribution points. My husband is my business partner and co-owner. Our son Kenny is our own “Lincoln Kid” and we are so excited to see his role in the paper develop as he grows. Even our cats are in on this; We are lovers of animals and love having animal-focused content within the paper. We adopted Willow, our older cat, from Capital Humane Society, and rescued Cooper, our younger cat, after my mother found him away from his litter at just three weeks old. A dog is in the near future, but we are going to wait until Kenny and the dog choose each other. Lincoln Kids. truly is a family newspaper, for and from.

ALLISON: What other activities do you (and your family) enjoy besides Lincoln Kids?

KARLA: I love art. I paint, draw, sketch, you name it. I work with paper crafting, jewelry, home accents, furniture, and so much more. We are both readers and movie-fans. Books are a big part of our lives. I love to write, and my husband is very good at developing story lines. We hope to collaborate on books throughout our lifetime. We like the great outdoors. We enjoy camping, fishing, exploring, and experiencing the beauty of our natural world. We love to travel, near and far. We are eager and slightly nervous to do this as new parents, but want our son to be well-traveled, too. Bennett is a chef, and so food is a large part of our lives. He is French-trained, having gone to school at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Canada, so classical dishes and presentations are always a treat. But we both love to cook and experiment with new techniques as well. We are not picky eaters by any means, and a big part of our travels are experiencing local cuisines. Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed–what better way than through food and travel?

ALLISON: Why do you distribute Lincoln Kids for free?

KARLA: Lincoln Kids. was inspired by another free family newspaper based in New Mexico, which is still going strong today. We also just want to pay it forward to Lincoln and shout it to the rooftops how awesome it is to raise a family here. By keeping Lincoln Kids free for all, it helps us do what we are here to do: Reach as many families as we can!

ALLISON: What have you learned from being editor of Lincoln Kids?

KARLA: Lincoln Kids has definitely taught me a lot, both personally and professionally. I have learned not only from business-related experience, but from our content as well! We have some great organizations in our community that really promote our youth, and I learn more about Lincoln and our city’s history and current events with each issue. I’ve learned how to juggle many new hats by becoming a business owner. I’ve had to learn programs, communications, design elements, the printing industry, and so much more. I’ve also grown closer to my husband’s parents through this adventure. PLUS, my best and favorite thing about my new role has been that of becoming a mother and being able to use Lincoln Kids Newspaper as my own resource in parenting.

ALLISON: What are your future dreams—for Lincoln Kids or personal?

KARLA: We are modernizing Lincoln Kids in phases throughout 2017, and so right now those dreams are becoming a reality. We have given the printed paper a face lift, new logo, and the Summer issue of this year is going to be a brand new, slightly different format. Next up is increasing our web-presence and utilizing social media to further promote our clients and get word out to more people about Lincoln Kids! It’s a techy world we live in and I’m still a bit in the past personally; so it’s another venture I plan to learn and apply to the paper.

My newest articles can be found on pages 24 and 28 of the Summer edition of Lincoln Kids.


2 Responses to "Interview with the Editor of Lincoln Kids"

Great interview with Karla.

I loved your Cinder article. Very well done.

Have a fabulous day, Allison. ☺

Thanks! Karla is a great editor to work with.

Now that Cinder has her own advice column, Rainy has been asking for her own spotlight. Stay tuned!

I hope you’re having sunny weather there. Enjoy the week!

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