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Six-Word Saturday #87

Posted on: May 5, 2017


Church job update; writing original content

Last week was administrative assistant day, and so it seems like the ideal time to update everyone on my church position. Five months in, and I’ve settled into a routine. Yet there are still new challenges. A perfect blend!

Every day starts by my opening up the church, answering phone calls, and sorting through mail. On Mondays, I enter attendance into Power Church, edit the Sunday bulletin, create a visitor list, and update the pastoral list. I also prepare any inserts and start on the weekly. On Tuesdays, after I finish up the weekly, I print, compile, and fold all publications. Throughout the day, I might also schedule reservations and make photocopies.

What about Wednesday and Thursday? I use those for other projects. The biggest is our monthly Courier. A recent highlight is that I interviewed a local business owner. You’ll see that interview next week here at Allison’s Book Bag. In the future, I’ll be helping to write member profiles, collect stories about the church’s history, and providing information about community outreach organizations. In other words, I’m writing original content!

As for other projects, I’ve also started a contact list, created an equipment inventory, labeled supply cupboards, alphabetized our keys and business cards, and updated our annual directory. Ahead is organizing years worth of children’s bulletin, so that we can file our own master copies. Now that people are getting to know me, I also get more phone calls about member contact information, orders to make, and information to type or design.

I love that I get to collaborate with staff, help members of the church and community, and take initiative on projects. Something else I enjoy is chat time. My boss and I talk every morning about our day. Sometimes we talk about faith. Members will ask me how the job is going and we’ll take about special events in our lives. It’s a comfortable and personable place to work.

2 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #87"

Your church job seems like the ideal one for you. I’m glad that it’s turned out so well.

Resigning from a career that was no longer going well and taking on a brand new career was scary. The wrong job would have only heightened my anxiety. I’m glad to have found the church job.

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