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Six-Word-Saturday #90

Posted on: May 26, 2017


Finished my Principles of Marketing course!

Back in April, I wrote that I would be writing about my new adventures. Some of those new adventures included: finishing a journalism course, updating you on my current administrative assistant job, and sharing news of my volunteer activities. Last but not least on my list of ways I have been reinventing my life since leaving the teaching field is I enrolled in a marketing class this spring.

Even in my twenties, when I pursued my own graphic design business, I have been intrigued by this field. When I started applying this year for jobs, I found myself most drawn to the ones in communication and in public relations. Both of these require some marketing skills. A close friend of mine reassured me at the time that I already possessed some marketing skills, in that I have promoted two blogs. I didn’t feel that I had enough to apply for those types of jobs, but did decide that taking some classes might make me more knowledgeable.

Principles of Marketing has been intense! It’s an online course with a three-month deadline. Students read two chapters per week, answer three questions per chapter, and comment on at least answers per chapter too. We also have weekly quizzes. And then there’s our two term papers. One involved analyzing a business and proposing strategies. Weeks of research later, I submitted a twenty-page paper! The other required one to submit a town proposal. I did that this afternoon. Now I get to enjoy six weeks off from studies before it’s back to the books.

That’s what’s new with me! What about you?

7 Responses to "Six-Word-Saturday #90"

Sounds like you’ve earned a rest. 🙂 I’m a lazy retired type myself.

There are times when I enjoy just sitting and doing absolutely nothing. This weekend might be one of those times!

Good job! Visiting from Six-Word-Saturday

I’m also pleased to have received an A+ on my class!

Very impressive. I, on the other hand, and counting down my last 16 working days until retirement. YAY.

Retirement is a HUGE accomplishment. I am envious! Enjoy the opportunity to write daily and to live your life as you most desire.

16 days, Ron! Woo-hoo 🙂

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