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Six-Word Saturday #91

Posted on: June 22, 2017


We interrupt this blog … major announcement

A year ago I had been taking a path which, despite some twists and turns, felt comfortable. And then wham! New job…. New writing markets…. New career direction…. New volunteer duties…. In the course of a year, everything changed.

Even so, when the seventh anniversary of this blog rolled around in June, I thought I knew what lay ahead for Allison’s Book Bag. There’s power in words. For that reason, I’ve been picking out books to share with you in the midst of the chaos going on in our world. There’s also power in stories. For that reason, I’ve been moving towards posting more and more stories of my cats. I felt safe about my plans.

But that’s when our landlady called with a bombshell. She plans to sell her remaining rentals, including the one we’re in. We probably have about three months to find a new place.

What does that do for Allison’s Book Bag? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. With each new change that a person juggles, commitments get dropped to allow for new ones. At times one will relinquish those forever; sometimes just for a season.

At any rate, for now, I’m right back where I was last year this time: “Pulling back but not stepping down.” There are reprints I wanted to pull from Animal Ambassadors. Those I’ll add in due time. There are posts already awaiting publication. Those I’ll post in due time. There are Advanced Reader Copies to which I’ve committed myself to review. Those I’ll write in due time. Otherwise, for the immediate future, finding a house is a major priority.

As always, see you around on the blogosphere! And remember: We are meant to thrive in God.

6 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #91"

Good luck with the home hunt.
Hope to see you back soon 🙂

Thanks! Over the past several months, I’ve scaled back on my blog and even considered dropping it. Seven years is a good run for a blog. We’ll see what the next year holds. My life is so full of changes right now, I just don’t know yet if the blog can stay part of it.

Good luck with the home hunt. Life’s always full of surprises 🙂

This past year has certainly had its share of surprises. 😉

Best wishes in finding a new place.

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