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Critter Photo #37

Posted on: July 31, 2017

With our household of critters having expanded to include three cats and a dog, I thought it fitting to join a meme related to pets. After searching around, I came across Awww….. Mondays. The one rule is: “Post a picture that makes you say Awww…. and that’s it.” Every photo seemed to feature a pet and so the meme is a perfect fit!

Over time, after my first cat died, my memories of her blurred. For that reason, I’ve often regretted recording so few entries in my journals about her. When Cinder and then Bootsie and then Rainy came into my life, I decided to keep a notebook dedicated to our pets. As I look back over earlier entries, to find stories to share, I take pleasure in seeing how Rainy especially has changed.

Once upon a time Rainy refused to let me groom her or clean her teeth. With equal vehemence, she stole meals from the kitchen counter or refrigerator. Her sisters were none too pleased either when she grabbed treats thrown to them. She enjoyed knocking books and cards off shelves. No heights were off limits either. More than once, I found her strutting atop are cabinets, weaving her way in and out of toys that soon tumbled to the floor. When she discovered her tail, she could spend a great deal of time batting it. A pencil in my hand to her represented a chance to practice her paw grip. She also liked a good game of pounce, with my feet being the object of her bites. Oh, and at night, she loved to jump onto the bed even if I was in middle of a good sleep.

That was then.

Yesterday Rainy modeled for the camera, so I could illustrate my article about her grooming routines. She still loves food, but I am learning to outsmart her. Now I let her play in the basement while meals are being prepared and any tantalizing food in the refrigerator is well-buried. She also still knows no limits to the heights she’ll jumps or the objects she’ll shove. Except again I’ve gotten smarter. Now every shelf and cabinet has room for her to walk along the ledge. Although her tail and pencils no longer intrigue her, she does love to hide under our kitchen curio, and poke her paws out for us to grab. In other words, she’s learning to engage others in her play. She’s even started to reciprocate grooming from her sisters. As for the middle of the night, my little monster has become an angel. Every night she’ll curl up under my arm and snuggle in for a long sleep.

This is now.

I started my first notebook dedicated to our cats back in 2014. It has long since overflowed into a second and third journal. I’ve also been turning those notes into anecdotes and advice columns. All serve as a tribute to our wonderful feline companions!

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4 Responses to "Critter Photo #37"

Awww, that last one is the best one. I remember a cat I had that slept with me and it was ever so precious. Like that shot of you and your kitty. So adorable.

Hope you had a purrfect Awww Monday and may your week be wonderful. ☺

Thanks! I felt a little self-conscious about posting the last photo. At the same time, I love that Rainy joins me when I sleep, and wanted to show a photo of this. She shadows me like my first cat that I lost to kidney failure in 2013.

July was an exciting month! News to come in September….

I totally agree in documenting. Time flies. After Logan passed I realized that I only had a handful of pictures, only one of me with him. My Dog Blog holds a bunch of memories and anecdotes. Maybe someday I’ll organize them into something more tangible like a book.

Shutterfly has deals from time to time where you can get a photobook made for next to nothing. I’ve found coupons on Groupon and received special promos from Petco, Coke and other places. Once you make one, they send you deals pretty regularly. They have a variety of templates and story makers for the less creative (like me!).

I’ve made books about my pets and around special occasions. I’ve even had extras made as gifts.

It’s much easier to take pictures and video now that we’re in a digital age. When I look at photos from dogs I had before digital cameras, I am sad at how few I have of our lives together.

Ironically, my notes about my cats are all handwritten. I’ve been slowly turning the best of those notes into stories I share online and save in an electronic document.

Books are your pets is a wonderful time! I have a list of creative projects to do. One has been creating these online posts, but another has been creating pet books for myself and friends of their pets.

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