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Critter Photo #41: The Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog Are Moving!

Posted on: September 11, 2017

From the Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog….

Our owners have bought their first house. All of us are moving this month. We’re sad but excited.

We’re sad because we have a lot of memories at our rental. It’s where Cinder recovered from stomatitis and had to wear a cone, but also where she learned how to do agility and discovered the wonders of basements. Whenever Cinder needed time alone, she’d retreat to the basement and soon her mood improved. The rental is actually the ONLY home that Bootsie has ever known. It took her weeks to venture beyond one room. Then her curiosity won over her fear. Soon she discovered the fun of cat towers and TV shows. The rental is where Rainy proved herself a troublemaker by knocking books and dolls off shelves and insisting that cats should be allowed on counters. It’s also where Rainy grew up and showed her family how much of a snuggle bug she is.

We’re excited because of everything our owners have told us our new house. It’s much bigger inside and so we won’t be as crowded. Our owners tell us now there will be more room to have guests. There are more windows. The front bay window looks out over a flower garden teeming with butterflies and how the back bay window looks out over a big yard dominated by a giant maple tree. We’re especially psyched about the basement. Our owners plan to set half of it up with agility equipment. We’ll even have a storage closet for all our stuff, instead of it being scattered through the house wherever there was space. Outside there is a deck. We’ll need to wear our leashes and harnesses to go out on it with our owners, but there’s going to be a lot of new smells to explore, and so we won’t mind. Lots of positives!

Our owners tell us the move will take most of this month. That means there won’t be postings of our stories for at least a few weeks. Instead we’ll be having adventures!

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2 Responses to "Critter Photo #41: The Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog Are Moving!"

Take pictures so when you blog again we’ll enjoy your adventure as well. How exciting to get your first new home. I so remember.

A huge aww on your babies and it’s so nice they wrote such a nice post for you.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and a great moving adventure. ☺

My husband and I took photos of our rental the week before we moved. Once we have our computer setup again, I’ll have to post a few!

We’ve taken one video of the pets at our new house, but should take some photos to mark our progress. We’re all at the stage right now where we can’t find anything and don’t have any routines. 😦

Have a purrfect week! Thanks for the visit.

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