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Six-Word Saturday #94

Posted on: September 29, 2017


Time for my parents to visit!

In the twenty years since I’ve moved to the Midwest, my family has been here just for my wedding. Otherwise, I’ve always been the one to travel to Newfoundland to see everyone. This past Friday my parents flew from Canada to visit Andy and I. Since then, it’s been a full week of introducing them to my life in the Midwest.

For starters, we showed them our new house. Every room except two are unpacked! They also got to meet our three cats and see our dog again. The first day we were all tired, us from moving and them from travel. We slept a lot!

On the days it rained, we used the time to show them where we work. Andy works at our local university as a programmer and as tech support for test software. I’m employed with a church as an administrative assistant. We also used the time to take them shopping for groceries, pet food, and some special meals. At the pet store, my parents got to see how fun ferret can be.  Cheese and crackers from across the world was one of the special meals we ate. In addition, Andy and I took them to our favorite bakery for fruity desserts. Finally, we used the time to attend church and to play games.

On the days the sun shone, we took them to some of our favorite tourist spots. They saw our local zoo. One of the wild birds took a fancy to my step-mom, perhaps because of her red nail polish, and even sat on her lap. They saw our local safari park. The wolves were particularly active. The park has seven of them. The wolves played, explored, and rested. They saw our local gardens. Painted lady butterflies are migrating through our state this fall and were plentiful on the flowers. They also got to see one of our local malls. My step-mom and I brought matching purses. Finally, we all have taken a couple of walks around our neighborhood.

The weekend lies ahead. We’ve got a few more activities planned, but also intend to just hang out by watching television and chatting on whatever topic arises. Thanks to my family for making the trip. I’ve been happy and proud to show them my life.

4 Responses to "Six-Word Saturday #94"

Love every minute! Time goes too fast. Safe travels back to Canada!

My parents headed back yesterday to Canada. We all enjoyed very much enjoyed the visit. Pictures to come!

How fun to have your family visit and in your new home too. That is really nice.

Have a fabulous day, Allison. ☺

Given my dad’s age, this is probably their one visit. I’m excited they could come! We’ve had a wonderful time.

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