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Critter Photo #43: The Cat Trio and Solitary Dog Have Guests!

Posted on: October 23, 2017

From the Cat Trio and the Solitary Dog….

We had barely moved into our new house, when our owners told us to prepare for another change. Guests were coming! Our owners brought a new bed into what they kept calling “the guest room.” They went out almost every evening and returned with bags of stuff for the guests. There was constant movement and change, and that made us nervous. But we were excited too. Our owners kept telling us how much fun we were going to have when the guests came. There would be special meals, which of course made our tummies growl. And we heard tricks mentioned a few times and we knew that involved us.

The guests turned out to be Allison’s parents. When they arrived, each of us had our own way of greeting them. Barnaby ran up to them and jumped on them. He tried to kiss them too! They could barely get in the door. Our owners had to pick Barnaby up and urge him to relax. Cinder sniffed the parents and then waited for them to pet her. She does this every time there’s a visitor. After that, Cinder went about her regular routine. Rainy hung back at first, but by the evening she was following the parents and coaxing for food. She also tried to visit them in the guest room more than once while they were sleeping. Bootsie stayed in the shadows for the first, second, third day…. But then she started to warm up to the parents. She wasn’t about to pass up the chance for a lap.

Our owner’s friends came over to meet Allison’s parents and play games. More guests meant more food and attention. Our owners don’t feed us from the table, but sometimes crumbs will fall to the floor. One time, the visitors brought a dog, and both dogs got treats to chew. When it’s just Barnaby with a treat, Rainy will often try to steal it, but she decided to be polite and let the dogs keep their snacks. Instead Rainy cuddled with her sisters on the bench by the bay window, and they all enjoyed having their owners at home.

Our owners were happy to show us off. One day they took Barnaby and Rainy to a club to do agility. First Rainy ran a course, then Barnaby. One of the parents even got to run Barnaby through a series of obstacles. After that, Barnaby didn’t want to watch from the side. He ran out onto the course while Rainy was taking another turn. The two of them flew over a jump at the same time. Dog-and-cat agility teams should be a sport! Our owners also tried to get Cinder to do a show. They took her into our basement where Allison has set up some agility equipment. But Cinder didn’t want to be a star and ran back upstairs.

Then it was time for the parents to return home. Barnaby shadowed them throughout their last morning, not wanting them to leave. The rest of us hung back. We’d just gotten used to guests and weren’t ready for them to leave.

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4 Responses to "Critter Photo #43: The Cat Trio and Solitary Dog Have Guests!"

I’m glad you all enjoyed visiting with your peeps parents. How fun for you. It’s good that you loved them and didn’t want them to leave.

Have a purrfect and woof woof day. My best to your peeps. ☺

The house was so quiet and empty after my parents left. It was so nice to talk with them by phone later that week.

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