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Critter Photo #44

Posted on: November 6, 2017

Cinder is our most reserved cat. But one evening that all changed. Or so I thought. While I reclined on our sofa, Cinder jumped next to me and laid on the recliner arm. Then she crawled closer to me and laid her head on my leg. I stopped watching television and waited. A few minutes later, my reclusive cat had curled up on my stomach, her body half buried under my robe. I smiled and felt loved.

That same week, when my husband was reading in bed, Cinder jumped next to him and laid at his feet. Then she crawled closer to him and laid her head on his arm. He closed his book and waited. A few minutes later, our reclusive cat had curled next to his side, her body half buried under the comforter. He smiled and felt loved. I cupped my hand in my chin and stared suspiciously at Cinder.

My suspicions were confirmed when I found her one morning hidden in a pile of dirty laundry. It’s not us that Cinder loves; it’s any place she can find warmth. Except that doesn’t explain why every time I let her down in the basement, she rubs her face against Andy’s sneakers. Or why she fancies my gloves. Neither of those provide her with warmth.

As I continued to observe our quirky cat, a pattern emerged. She liked our pillows. And our towels. She especially liked snuggling into our stuff, when we weren’t home. Maybe snuggling is more than a reserved cat can handle on a regular basis, but our scent is important to Cinder. We ARE loved!

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6 Responses to "Critter Photo #44"

I remember my efforts to befriend Cinder on our visit. She’s a lovely cat.

The two of you have similar personalities: quiet and friendly. 🙂

CInder is very much like our son Nick
s Rose. She loves anyplace that she can warm her bones, winter or summer. Cats are so particular. Love it! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week. HUGS

Besides loving warm areas and our scent, Cinder enjoys a plush mouse cave. Every evening she hangs out in it while we watch TV. Hugs back to you!

You are loved indeed. What a lovely post and she’s a pretty girl. Very Aww worthy.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday, Cinder. My best to your peeps. ☺

Cinder is a pretty and fun girl. She loves to pose and to wrestle. We love our quirky girl!

Thanks for reading her latest story. Have a great week!

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