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Six-Word-Saturday #95

Posted on: November 10, 2017


Halfway through my Customer Service class!

Last spring, I successfully completed Principles of Marketing and anticipated taking marketing classes for the rest of the year. This goal got temporarily put aside when my husband and I bought a new house, I reached the last stretch in the citizenship process, and my family came to visit. Finally, the time was right again this October to take another class.

Customer Service is an online course with a three-month deadline. Students read two chapters per week, complete two or three assignments each week, and comment on at least one answer per week from another student. Unlike Principles of Marketing, we don’t have weekly quizzes or end-of-term papers, and so the pace is a little more relaxed.

The workload still keeps me busy! Even more important, I’m learning and being challenged. To date, I’ve read about best companies, nonverbal communication, telephone and internet service, customer turnoffs, and feedback. In response, I’ve changed my greeting at work, redesigned my office to make it friendlier, and am working on giving better feedback. As for assignments, I’ve accessed myself as a listener, reviewed websites, and acted as a mystery shopper. There is one major project, the first half due mid-term and the other half due end-term, and that is to report on customer service experiences. I expect after this course, I’ll be more analytical of my shopping trips.

That’s what’s new with me! What about you?

8 Responses to "Six-Word-Saturday #95"

Hi, Allison. I happened upon you through another blog and remembered you from 6WS. I kinda’ miss it, too. I need a Watership Down shirt, too. Good to see you!

SWS is a little harder to find now but is being hosted at Travel with Intent. My husband brought me the Watership Down shirt. I have a Wrinkle in Time one too! Now I’m headed your way to catch up on your life….

I have no class.

It takes a brave man to admit that. 😉

Good on you Allison. Customer service is so important, especially in these days of automation and impersonal online shopping

Good customer service skills even goes both ways. When one calls or visits a business, it’s helpful to act pleasant and prepare ahead with some research.

I’ve a boating course and test I need to do. It’s for a drivers license to operate a boat. Hubby did his already and now I need to do mine. Looks like we both have things that need our attention.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

What type of skills will your boat course teach you? All the best on passing and getting your license. Have a great weekend!

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