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Animal Ambassadors #25: November & December Calendar Dates

Posted on: January 1, 2018

With almost 80 million households in the United States owning a pet as of 2015, it should come as no surprise that our calendar year is filled with holidays celebrating our animal companions. These holidays might be a little too obscure to grant anyone a day off from work, but they still might give ideas about how to have fun with or honor pets. Last year to help Lincoln Animal Ambassadors visitors keep track of those very special dates, I began posting information about them. Here are links to all of the events you might have missed in November and December.

National Cook for Your Pet Day: encourages pet owners to use National Cook for Your Pets Day as an opportunity to learn how to prepare homemade meals for pets. After all, when you as the owner are in charge of making the food, then you as the owner can ensure carbohydrates, additives, and preservatives are avoided. In addition, you can ensure that you pick the right amount and types of meats and vegetables to include.

Black Cat Day: At animal shelters in both the United States and Europe, black cats and kittens are often overlooked. In 2013, the Huffington Post ran an online article that announced, “black cats are less than half as likely to be adopted as gray cats”. That claim was backed up with research from Gallup, Petfinder, and The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. An infographic that represented adoption percentages for eleven different cat colors placed black cats second to last. (In case you’re curious, brown was last.) Cats Protection, an animal charity in the United Kingdom, reports similar results. According to their research, on average, it takes 13 per cent longer for black cats to find a new home compared to others.

National Horse Day: There is a unique relationship between humans and horses that go back potentially 6,000 years. Our relationship has changed our manner of transport, farming, warfare, and art. During the industrial revolution horses were numerous and were depended upon by many people for their strength and dependability. They were the backs upon which our modern world was founded. Of course, technology relegated horses unnecessary and they became a luxury once more. Yes, financially horses may be a luxury. But what they teach us is priceless.

Missing from my roundup for November are: ASPCA’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month, National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and National Pet Diabetes Month.

Missing from my roundup for December are: USDA’s Bird Health Awareness Week, National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and Visit the Zoo Day. You can read articles of mine about shelters at My Fishing Trip With Nebraska’s Shelters and Rescues and My Fishing Trip with Midwest Groups and about zoos at Interview with a Zoo Keeper.

To read more, check out Pet Calendar Dates. There you’ll find details not only about the above, but about pet-related dates that fall throughout the rest of the year.

2 Responses to "Animal Ambassadors #25: November & December Calendar Dates"

My last cat was black. My last dog was black. I go for the ones that no one else seems to want. They need us the most.

Have a fabulous day and a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. ♥

When my husband and I volunteered at a nearby no-kill shelter, we used to visit the dogs that had the least chance of adoption. Most of those dogs eventually got adopted, which was always exciting news to hear. Nowadays when visiting our no-kill cat shelter, I’ve been trying again to spend the most time with the cats with the biggest obstacles against them.

Happy New Year! I’ll be taking a break from my blog for most of this month, but will look forward to your faithful comments when I return. 🙂

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