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  • In 1998, I moved to Nebraska for work and love.
  • My husband and I like to read books, watch movies, play games, go for daily walks, and discover new hobbies.
  • Every year we serve as preliminary judges for the Student Academy Awards.


  • We take our toy poodle to agility lessons and competitions. My husband recently created a bulletin board of Barnaby’s ribbons.
  • Our Cat Trio consists of Cinder who is a young adopted tortoiseshell from Hearts United for Animals, Bootsie who prefers living inside to an outdoor colony, and Rainy whom a neighbor rescued from her yard.
  • MEMORIAM: Our dog Gizmo is a senior adopted Silky Terrier from Nebraska No Kill. He loves to walk and play and sleep. Each day is unique, because we don’t know when, what, or why he’ll chose to eat.
  • MEMORIAM: Lucy was a stray whom I adopted as an indoor cat. She used to busy herself with exploring our fenced-in backyard, learning agility in our living room, and sleeping on my lap. I also had three guinea pigs, all of whom loved to putter about the house, renovate their cage, and listen to me read stories aloud.


  • We live six blocks from my husband’s family and visit them weekly for supper and games.
  • My family is a different matter. They live in Newfoundland, Canada! We communicate by email, webcam, telephone, and even snail mail.
  • My husband and I also visit annually in the summer. It is a four-day drive that culminates with a ferry ride.


  • I am a part-time resource teacher.
  • My husband works at our local university.
  • My dad and my mother-in-law are retired teachers.


  • In the past, I have written columns, plays, and stories.
  • Currently, I write articles for local animal groups.
  • One day my husband suggested, “You should start a blog of children’s book reviews. You’re always reading children’s books anyway. You might as well review them.” Now I have this blog!
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