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What books for young people do you absolutely love, hate, or simply think should be reviewed on my site? Please list them below! Be sure to also jot down a few words down about why I should review the book. Entice me!

If you haven’t already, please also rate and comment on books I have already reviewed. Help make this an online community of readers!

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I have written 4 books for my kids.
Do you have any advice as to the best way to try and get them
I would appreciate any feedback.

I would like to recommend Little Girls Big Fun Zoo Adventure written by Sarah Shanahan. The book can be purchased at This children’s book takes you on a marvelous adventure at the zoo. Told through the eyes of a big sister to twin girls with curiosity, insight and wonderment. Step into her shoes as she takes you on their big adventure and experience the joys of seeing animals through her eyes and the vibrant illustrations painted by Becky Fields.

Thank you for introducing visitors to your book!

I would really love if you would check my book and website out! Its a book about self-accountability and the importance of family throughout my life before and during my time in the Army! and the title of my book is “Reflections from the Man in the Mirror” I would love to hear your thoughts!

Timothy, hi! Please check out Request a Review. This page is for recommendations of books other than your own. 😉

Although i am 13 i enjoy all the classics!!! If you have not read Louisa May Alcott’s books i strongly suggest you do!!!! If you already have, anytime is a good time to reread a classic !! Thanks for the great blog!!!!

How wonderful that you enjoy the classics! I grew up on them, but don’t often find others who appreciate them too.

What’s your favorite Louisa May Alcott book? One of the highlights of my author experiences was getting to visit Alcott’s home in 2012:

Have you discovered Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books yet? If you haven’t, check them out. 🙂

Thanks for your comment and your excitement! I hope you always love the classics.

Hey, try Anya and the Secrets of Cupola by N. A. Cauldron. You said you like fun fantasy, fantasy that’s not too heavy. Anya is that. It’s really fun. And while it’s not chic lit, it’s not monster mash either. It is a girl protagonist, but not mushy girl. It’s also the first in a series, and that’s always cool.

Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll add the list to my books to read and watch for it to become available at our local library. 🙂

There’s no guarantee the library will carry it, but you can always request it if you’re really interested. I had to request it for here.

‘100 Cupboards Trilogy’, by N.D. Wilson.
… And pretty much anything written by said author. Excellent for stretching and delighting the mind.

-B. Tyler Lowe

An author I haven’t heard of! I’ve added him to my reading list.

Wordless picture books are an especially good selection for emergent readers or students needing extra attention to language development as they offer opportunities to tell and retell stories in their own words. One book you don’t want to miss is Chalk by Bill Thomson. Three kids in a park on a rainy day find a bag of chalk hanging on a dinosaur spring rider. When they begin to draw on the pavement the effect is…magical!

Hmm, I already have a student in mind. 🙂

Check Trifles by Kuir Garang. Thanks, John Perth, Australia.

Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve added it to my list of books to read. 🙂

I recommend some books for teens by Aleja Bennett titled All I Can Do Is Stand, All I Can Do Is Stand Part Two, Adopted Abused And Still Standing, Unlocking The Doors Of The Spoken Word, Only The Strong Can Survive, Aleja’s Beautiful Poetic Strategy In Recovery. These are the books that I have written that are excellent for teens and my daughter who is in college at age 19 has written these two that are also excellent for young people. The Creative Mind Of A Poet and The Easy Way Out by Jessica P. Robbins. All these books are available on kindle

Aleja, thank you for the recommendation of your books. I do not own a kindle. Are they also available in print?

Hello, Allison! I am Zin from Zoetrope! I have two Young Adult books I love very much although I have not been a Young Adult for a long time now – they are both older books so you probably know about them.

One is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is for high school age and has a graphic scene but it is very powerful. I do not want to say too much in case you or others have not read it, it was made into a movie on Showtime and most high school kids have seen it because they like the actress, she was in the vampire movies. But the book is wonderful, it has a voice that I love, very restrained, humorous at times, sad. It also shows how art can help recovery.

The other is Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder, it is a Norwegian novel in translation and is from 1994. It is called “a novel about philosophy” because there is a one-girl philosophy class going on throughout the mystery novel, it is wonderful, I read it once a year, the girl gets a letter from a stranger and a postcard addressed to another girl very much like her, and she tries to figure out what is going on, and learns about philosophy along the way, it is wonderful! I think they must have sophisticated fifteen year olds in Norway! There is a web site set up for this book as well.

Zin, I appreciate that you shared favorite young adult books. There are so many books out there for young people, I don’t think I will ever hear or read of all of them in my lifetime.

I encountered Laurie Halse Anderson’s books when I read Winter Girls, which deals with anorexia. So far, I have only seen the movie Speak and have not read the book.

As for Sophie’s World, this is a new title for me. The plot intrigues me. I also always appreciate opportunity to read books from other cultures. Actually, just this weekend, I picked up several lists from my local library of books of various genres, themes, and countries. Time for me to diversify my reading selections!

Both of your recommendations are now on my Books To Borrow list. They’re top priority for me to read and review. Thanks for your post!

I have now reviewed Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Anderson is still writing problem novels. Speak is an impressive introduction to her writings. One day I’ll return with a round-up of them. Thanks for the recommendation!

Judy Moody Gets Famous
She wants to get famous.

Another Judy Moody book? I guess I need to read the whole series. 🙂

It is a good book.

Stink is Judy Moody’s brother. Apparently, he now has his own series!

Purple Princess.
It’s a cool book.

The Perfectly Princess books are by Alyssa Crowne. I have the purple one borrowed to read in February. Check back for a review!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth
Greg writes in a diary.

Judy Moody Predicts the Future by Megan McDonald.
Judy gets a mood ring.

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