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After more than five years of being a reviewer, I have come to the place where I mostly review books for pleasure. This means, I prefer to pick books from my shelves, that friends recommended, or were received as gifts. However, I do make exceptions, and so feel free to contact me. Just keep the below guidelines in mind!


Book review requests will be considered from authors, editors, and publishers. My preference is for realistic fiction. Beyond that, I look for books which:

  • describe a different region or culture
  • feature students with special needs
  • target boys
  • brings social awareness to issues such as animal rescue

Last, I welcome the opportunity to read a debut or young author who has been traditionally published.


There are books I will not read. I do NOT accept requests for self-published books. There are plenty of other bloggers who review the latter, some of whom you might find at: Book Blogs.

While it is natural that young adult novels may contain mature content, I avoid books with:

  • excessive profanity
  • gratuitous violence
  • explicit sex
  • or an anti-religion message

Because the market is deluged with fantasy and science-fiction, I am also currently not reading these.

I will review a nonfiction book, but only if I have some knowledge of the topic. Anthologies of short stories are acceptable. Although I have reviewed collections of essays or poems, along with novels which less-traditional formats such as verse, these are usually by MY selection.


In my reviews, I include a short plot summary that is normally free of spoilers. I also discuss what I did and didn’t like. Based on my reaction to the book, I will recommend readers to either:

  • Buy the book
  • Borrow the book
  • Leave the book on the shelf

To help with promotion of a book, I cross-post a copy of my review at Amazon, Facebook, Good Reads.

I am always happy to consider author interviews and guest blogs. With interviews, I prefer to use email. Should an author desire a telephone interview, I will need permission to record the call. In either format, the author should also understand that I will edit for clarity, may rearrange or drop questions, but otherwise will post the interview as it is received.

When I interview authors with multiple books, I might provide a round-up that includes several of their books. Giveaways have mixed reviews at my blog, so I only offer them if requested. Because WordPress strips some of the needed code, I do not to participate in blog hops.


In requesting a review, it is understood that you will provide a review copy in print form. I do NOT accept requests for e-books.

In  addition, as I stated at the start, I have come to the place where I mostly review books for pleasure. While I will review any book I accept, I do NOT make guarantees about

  • a date when I will review
  • or the length of review I will offer

I also rarely participate in blog tours anymore, unless the organizer has already established a relationship with me.


To contact me, email me at allisonsbookbagAToutlookDOTcom. In the subject, type Allison’s Book Bag or Book Review Request so that it is not filtered as spam.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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