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ROUND-UPS by Author

Baker, Dawn

Brake, Marion

Clements, Andrew

Dowd, Siobhan

Erskine, Kathryn

Fenton, Christy-Jordan

Green, John

Hupton, Nick

Lin, Grace

Mazer, Anne

Myers, Walter Dean

Potter, Ellen

Pyron, Bobbi

Robinson, Barbara

Simpson, Catherine

Williams-Garcia, Rita

Zarr, Sara

ROUND-UPS for Lincoln Kids

Four Books About Pets

Three Favorite Titles from Parents

Three Friendship Books

Three Popular Graphic Novels

ROUND-UPS by Series

Anne trilogy by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Austin Books by Madeleine L’Engle

Emily trilogy by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Henry Reed by Keith Robertson

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander

Skinjacker trilogy by Neal Shusterman

Unwind quartet by Neal Shusterman

ROUND-UPS by Theme


Animal Picture Books on My Shelves

Ten Anniversary Editions of Books for Young People

Bad Kids in Picture Books

Bad Kids in Juvenile Fiction, Part 1

Bad Kids in Juvenile Fiction, Part 2

Bog Bodies: Two Nonfiction Books

Foxes, Raccoons, and Baby Animals!

Four Picture Books About Cats

Four Chapter Books About Cats

Guides to Training Cats

Ten Books on Animal Welfare

Ten Books with Extras

Golden Sower Picture Book Nominees 2011 (reviewed by students)

Graphic Novels

Immigration Experience in Picture Books, Part 1

Immigration Experience in Picture Books, Part 2

Learning Disabilities

Misfit Kids and Troubled Teens


NE Juvenile Fiction

NE Young Adult Classics

NL Picture Books

NL Picture Books: Three Must-Read

NL Juvenile Fiction

NL Young Adult Fiction

Multicultural Golden Sowers

Picture Books: Six Popular

Three Cat Cozy Mysteries

Three Dog Cozy Mysteries

Aspiring Writers in Juvenile Fiction

Student Writers in Fiction

Writing Guides for Young People









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