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Saturday Snapshot invites bloggers to share photos. I’m an August birthday girl. This week, I’m finally posting an overdue post about the multiple celebrations of it.

First, my family celebrated my birthday early during my July visit with them. On the Tuesday morning before my husband and I were to leave Newfoundland to return to the Midwest, my family showered me with gifts. From a local bookstore, my dad bought me a biography of one of my favorite Christian authors, C.S. Lewis. He also gave me fifty dollars, which paid for guide books which I bought during my vacation there. My step-mom gave me a three-photo wall frame.  Journals and composition notebooks never go astray for someone who writes as much as I do. These came from my brother and sister. They also gave me a manicure set and a travel blanket with pillow. Later, at noon, my family treated my husband and I to a meal at the restaurant of my choice. I picked one with a seafood platter. No surprise there! Finally, in the evening, we all ate my favorite dessert. If you don’t know by now, the way to my heart is through carrot cake. 🙂


Next, my in-laws celebrated my birthday one early weekend in August. As customary, my father-in-law took meal requests. Wanting to share some of my culture’s food, I requested cod au gratin and figgy duff. For birthday, my mother-in-law usually buys me a gift card to a favorite clothes store. This year though, I wasn’t sure which store would have the style of clothes I desired. Being at a new school, I wished to buy some dresses, along with matching leggings to wear under them. My in-laws decided to simply give me money, which I used to buy three dresses, a summer top, and two sets of leggings. My brother-in-law also showed, even though he doesn’t particularly enjoy socials. For our entertainment that night, we played the hilarious Wise and Otherwise, a game where players make up sayings and try to fool others into voting for theirs as the real one.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast, my husband celebrated my birthday with me on our date night by taking me first to Village Inn for a slice of carrot cake. He also allowed me to browse Barnes & Noble. The reason I say that he “allowed” me is that taking me to a book store is a dangerous thing. I can never resist a book purchase!  Indeed, I didn’t. 🙂 I used two discount coupons, one to purchase a Winnie-the-Pooh treasury and the second to buy a photo-essay book by the famous Joel Satore. Actually, my husband and I weren’t supposed to spend anymore birthday money on one another, in that we had already used our allotted amount to buy tickets to see PINK this fall.

As you can, I was spoiled this birthday! Just recently, while attending a game night, I received even more gifts. A friend gave me party dishes, book covers, and more journals. All the attention I received made up for the fact that every birthday reminds me that I’m in my forties. 😦

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