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Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop from Pen to Paper that invites ones to post about one book per week that has been on their wishlist for some time, or just added, and that you can’t wait to get off the wishlist and onto your wonderful shelves. 

Back when I had more time to actively participate at Good Reads, I tried reading the most interesting books recommended by the groups to which I belonged. This is how I discovered Neal Shusterman and his young adult novel, Unwind.

Cover of "Unwind"

Cover of Unwind

Picture a futuristic world, where a war has occurred between the pro-life and pro-choice groups. In the end, neither group really won. The representatives merely reached a compromise that suited both sides. They allow parents to “unwind: their teenagers.

What does it mean exactly to “unwind”? Well, next time, you pass a group of adolescents, imagine how that girl’s blonde hair would beautify a homely neighbor, that athletic guy’s legs would speed up a couch potato, that girl’s math smarts would enhance the performance of an accountant, or that guy’s perfect eyes would eliminate your need for glasses.

In my review of Unwind, I wrote: “Plot, character, theme…. Shusterman has masterfully handled everything. Yes, even setting and style are perfect.” Obviously, I became a fan.

Now wait a minute! So far, all I’ve done is talk about a book I’ve already read. Isn’t Wishlist Wednesday supposed to be about those books I haven’t read?

On my wish list is UnWholly, the sequel to Unwind which was released this past summer. If I can cheat and add three more books, I’ve also been wanting to read Shusterman’s popular Everlost trilogy.

Thanks to our local Plum Creek Literary Festival, I even have a date set for when I’ll read (and review) these books.  You see, Neal Shusterman is coming to that event. Yes, I’ll get to meet Neal Shusterman, have him sign copies, and act like a giddy fan. Can’t wait for September!

What’s on your wish list?

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